Thank you for visiting my website, created to help you find the Parent Rooms in shopping centres, restaurants, attractions around Australia. We’re always looking for ways to make this crazy world more simple, especially for those of us who are new parents. It was the launch into parenthood ourselves which led us to create Parentrooms.com.au. Shopping centres that were once familiar suddenly became foreign as we walked around and around trying to find the nearest Parent Room to change a nappy, feed our baby, or just let her (and us) have a peaceful break from the craziness of the stores.
Where is the information desk? Where are the Parent Rooms? Where are the signs showing me where to find a Parent Room? Which level is the best one to park on to get to a Parent Room? Finding these answers on foot is exasperating and exhausting, for parents and children. Sometimes we gave up and ended up feeding the little one on a seat in a walkway between shops. But then we figured out there had to be a better way.
Watching other new parents go through the same hassles, and listening to them give each other tips on where they found a good Parent Room in a certain shopping centre, led us to the development of ParentRooms.com.au.
Instead of figuring out after you get to your destination where the Parent Room is, you can get all the information you need before you leave home with a few clicks of the mouse.
Life is hectic enough without having to spend half the day wandering around looking for a room to change a nappy. Now you can go armed with directions and an idea of what facilities are available, and go out with your children with one less problem to think about.
Help us help you by sending in your photos of Parent Rooms in your area, so we can expand the site and help more parents and carers across the country make their outings more enjoyable and stress-free. Us parents need to stick together!!

Love Bek xx

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