Generous and Willing Souls Needed!!

Hi there Mums and Dads,

I’ve recently been doing some maintenance on this site, and it has forced me to realise the value of the service that is contained in this site.

The value has come from the fact that it is exactly what we needed as new parents, navigating the strange new world of being out and about with a little person, 100% reliant on you for nourishment and comfort.  It seems to have struck a chord with many.

Since our little one has grown, (she is a very active 8 years old now –

We don't normally look this sophisticated!
We don’t normally look this sophisticated!

can you believe it??!) it’s not as acceptable for us to be wandering in and out of parentrooms to feed this site anymore, and we’d like to keep the information on this site, current and active so that it continues to benefit more and more new parents, or experienced parents in new area’s.

This is where you come in.  If you are willing to, we’d love to offer some people contribution rights to the site so you can continue the work we started around 7 years ago.  I know from experience that it is a greatly fulfilling hobby, and allowed us a most gratifying creative outlet.

If you are interested, please use the contact form below.

Thank you

Kieran & Bek

This information will not be sold, distributed or abused in any way!