Balgowlah Stockland

Stockland Mall – 197-215 Condamine St, Balgowlah NSW 2093

Overall: Up to the usual excellent Stockland Mall Quality

Good Points: Wide doorway. No steps. Clean change table. Warm Wiped, Lockable and Comfortable Feeding rooms, Sink and soap. Door locks from the inside.

Bad Points: Nothing Obvious

After a very pleasant morning tea meeting at lovely Cafe with an out the back, outdoor nook with a potential business partner – who ended up being a touch on the psycho side we proceeded over to the nearby Stockland where we had parked.

My daughter, now 7 years old (doesn’t time fly) needed to go to the bathroom.  Now that she is a “big girl” she prefers to use the ladies facilities, however we were afforded a rare willingness to use the parent room, since the ladies room was suffering with a foul odor.

Unfortunately, it appeared that there were a number of other mothers in the same boat so there was a bit of a lineup to use the facilities, which restricted my ability to take some happy snaps of the room.  Plus we had to leave before the actual toilet was vacant so didn’t get to see inside there either.  However if it was anything like the rest of the room, I am sure that it would have been top notch.

All of the usual wonderful Stockland quality was present, change tables with hygiene paper and hanging mobiles above to entertain the bub, warm wipes, a bottle warmer, a functioning microwave, a fenced toddler area with some play items and a couple of TVs.

The lockable feeding rooms (2 of them) looked spacious enough to easily fit a pram in – there was a side table and a nice comfy chair in each to sit in.  My only comment would be that the chair should probably be a bit nearer to the emergency button, but none the less it was good to see a red-button in there!

Well done again Stockland – living up to your usual quality in Parent Rooms!!

Happy travels mums & dads!