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Bernie Mullane Sports Complex (Poor Form) – Kellyville NSW


This week we got in touch with the people who run Bernie Mullane Sports Complex, to get their feedback on the below review – ie where is the ‘parents room’?

The response was both surprising and disappointing. The Admin Coord replied to our email and was quite short and not that understanding in her response.

We have been advised there is only a change table available in the female toilets. There is not a stand alone parents room. 

It was added to ‘Please note this is a sports centre and gym, not a purpose built children’s facility’. How charming. For a facility that has a sign posted opposite reception saying ‘PARENTS ROOM’ with an arrow pointing to where it’s meant to be, you’d reasonably expect to find one. We were also advised that if parents do choose to bring small children to the centre, they can use the disabled bathroom (no change table in there).

We replied to this response saying we understand it’s not a purpose built children’s centre, but since there is a sign saying there is a ‘PARENTS ROOM’ people do expect to find one.

A few hours later a reply came through – ‘the sign has now been removed’.

For a sports centre and gym, with a big undercover childrens playground attached to it, plus a creche inside the centre, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a parent room would be found…..especially since there was a sign saying so.

The response from the centre is disappointing. In an area of Sydney where the number of young families moving into the area grows every single day, we’d expect a whole lot better from a business that’s meant to provide services to the community.

Poor form.

Overall: Basic and pretty poor. Change table only in the female toilets.

Good Points: Wide door way. No steps. Clean change table. Decent size nappy bin.

Bad Points: The signs say there is a parents room, but there isn’t (unless it’s hiding somewhere). No sign on the toilet door to let you know there is a baby change table inside.


This sporting complex has lots of pluses. The playground outside is now covered by shade sails, so you can hang out there with the kids pretty much all day long. The sports building is all on one level, so there are no steps to worry about.

As far as parent rooms go, it’s very disappointing. There’s a sign inside the centre, just opposite the reception desk, saying there’s a parent room. Well we looked and searched and found……..nothing. Taking a punt, based on experience, we decided to go inside the female toilets and see if there was a baby change area of some sort. Surprise, surprise, we found a wall mounted fold out baby change table plus nappy disposal bin.

So what happened to the parents room? Is there one in the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex at all? Or is it really just the change table in the female toilets? What are the Dads meant to do? Why isn’t there a sign on the front of the female toilets indicating the change table is in there?

If you’ve been to this place and have found the missing parents room, please let us know where it is. We’d really love to know.


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