NSW Parramatta

Births Deaths Marriages – Ground Floor, Parramatta Justice Precinct, Cnr Marsden, George & O’Connell Streets, Parramatta NSW

Overall: Good private room. Nappy change, rest and feed. 

Good Points: Easy access on ground floor with a big sliding door. Clean modern room. Wall mounted fold out change table is at a lower than usual height. Single office chair for feeding/rest. Lockable door. Sink, soap, hand dryer and paper towels. Nappy bin.

Bad Points: No additional powerpoints (unless you want to unplug the hand dryer). Office chair isn’t super comfortable if you need to feed your little one. Only one bin for both general rubbish and nappy disposal.

Who would have thought a government office would have such a nice little Parent Room? Not even the Parent Rooms in Parliament House, Canberra, are as nice as this one. It’s on the ground floor, meaning there are no steps to navigate. Just wheel right on into the building, and to the left of the Marriage Room you’ll find the Parent Room. 

It was a rainy Monday when we were visiting the offices to be a part of the marriage ceremony of two lovely friends. Even with all the rain, nothing could dampen the fabulous occasion. Usually a rainy day also means loads of mud and grime tracked in on floors, but even the Parent Room here was lovely and clean.

The big sliding door is easy to open and wide enough to fit a pram through. First test passed! The door can also be locked from the inside, which is a very important feature often overlooked by most facilities. Being able to lock the door makes mums feel more comfortable and secure, especially when feeding. And feeling comfortable and secure helps make little ones also feel more at ease, creating a more enjoyable experience for both mums and bubs.

The room itself is a decent size. A wall mounted fold out change table is on the far wall. It’s actually set lower than any other I’ve come across in this Parent Room journey. So short people like me will be very happy with it. There’s only one bin in the room, however, for both nappy disposal and general rubbish and it’s been put between the sink and the handryer. Not exactly within arms reach, which is a bit pesky. The sink and bench is nice and clean. I like having somewhere other than the floor to rest the nappy bag, and this bench is just wide enough to hold it. 

As you’d expect, there’s a sink, soap, hand dryer and paper towels. The office chair is alright to sit on for a rest or if you’re feeding your bub, but it’s not super comfy. An armchair would probably be more practical and comfortable, but it definitely does the job. 

My thoughts on this Parent Room……..if you’re in the restaurant strip/Parramatta Justice Precinct area during business hours and need a Parent Room, head to the Births Deaths Marriages office. I reckon it would definitely be the cleanest, nicest one you’ll find in that area. And again, just being able to lock the door while you are in there makes it worth the visit.