Eastern Creek NSW

Caltex StarMart M4 (citybound) – Eastern Creek, NSW 2766

Overall: Basic and clean. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Wide door way. No steps. Clean change table. Sink and soap. Toilet has assistance rails. Door locks from the inside.

Bad Points: No paper towel (hand dryer only). No feeding area.

It can be a little scary deciding to check out the baby change setup at highway service stations. Servos aren’t known for having the cleanest toilets, and usually leave you feeling quite unwell from having to hold your breath for so long. Well, the baby change area of the disabled toilet in this servo was a nice surprise!

The Caltex StarMart reviewed is on the M4 (citybound). On this visit, we found it to be a great, clean setup for quick nappy changes. The bathrooms are inside the StarMart, on the left wall. At night, the door to the toilets is locked and needs to be activated by the staff behind the counter. Once you’re through the main door, you’ll find the combined baby change/disabled toilet on the right hand side. The door is nice and wide, so you can fit a pram through it. It also locks from the inside, guaranteeing privacy.

The change table is wall mounted, and folds out flat. The safety straps are intact and the table is very clean! This is really not the norm in busy servos (maybe things are looking up!). The toilet has assistance rails, that come in handy when older kids are learning to use the toilet. There’s a sink, soap and hand dryer. Really, it’s quite a decent setup. Nothing at all flash about it. The good thing is everything is clean and in great condition. Also, it’s nice to know you don’t have to stop at the fast food restaurants anymore when you need to do nappy changes.

Happy travels!