Carlingford Library – Lloyds Ave, Carlingford NSW 2118

Overall: Basic yet quiet and clean. Nappy change/toilet only.

Good Points: Ramp access throughout, making it perfect for prams. Free programs for little kids during the week! Large disabled toilet/baby change room. Loads of room for a pram. Clean change table. Sink and soap.

Bad Points: The toilet door is quite heavy to open. The toilet roll is a bit out of reach for little arms. Hand dryer instead of paper towel. 

I’ve only recently rediscovered the joy of going to the library. It’s been years since I last set foot in one. With my little one by my side needing something to do indoors on rainy, cold days, and me wanting wanting to find a free, indoor activity, we ended up finding ourselves at the library. Now while we’ve been to a few now, the Carlingford library is the first where I’ve remembered to check out the baby change/parent room setup. 

It’s only a small library, so finding the toilets was a cinch. Getting inside the library is super easy. You can wheel a pram straight in from the footpath without anymore than a little step to get over. There’s automatic doors too which make getting in there with kids so much easier. Then the gorgeous library smell of old books hits you. I love it! Inside the library is split level, with a ramp or a couple of steps taking you from the entry level, where the counter and borrowing area is, to the upper level where you find all the books.

The toilet is on the entry level, against the far wall. The door is heavy and dark, so you need to use your body weight to keep the door open while you get the pram and kids inside. It probably won’t fit a wide pram through the doorway, but give it a shot anyway because inside there is loads of room! It’s a huge space inside. The toilet has assistance rails, which are great for little ones using the loo. The toilet roll is a bit out of reach of little arms, so parents will need to give them a hand. The sink, soap and hand dryer are all at a fairly regular height, so little ones may need some help in turning the taps on and getting some soap. 

For babies, there’s a wall mounted fold out baby change table against the left wall of the bathroom as you walk in. It’s at a reasonable height, and is in good condition and very clean. Ticks all those boxes! 

So for changing baby bottoms and taking little people to the toilet, Carlingford library has a good setup. There isn’t any designated area or room for feeding though, but maybe getting settled in a corner of the library on one of the comfy seats will do the trick. At least it’s fairly nice and quiet, which is good for feeding babies. 

I’m really happy about rediscovering the library. There are so many all around this city and I can’t wait to find more of them. It’s just really nice to have a place to go any day, that doesn’t cost any money, where little ones can have fun and learn, or just relax with toys and fun books. I love it.