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McDonald’s George Street – Disgusting!!! – 375 – 377 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Overall: Disgusting!! Nappy change only.

Good Points: There’s a change table, nappy bins, a sink and soap dispenser.

Bad Points: No ramp access into the restaurant. Dirty, disgusting nappy change table. Awkward getting into the disabled toilet.

This is the filthiest baby change facility seen to date. And the ‘area consultant’ for the restaurant doesn’t care. After seeing this place, we sent in a complaint to Head Office. Far too long later we received a phone call from the ‘area consultant’. He was more interested in trying to justify why the change table was so disgusting, when his priority should have been to apologise and promise it would be fixed asap. Poor form McDonald’s.

The first problem is getting in here in the first place. If you have a pram, you’re going to need help getting up the stairs. There’s no ramp, or mechanical aide of any kind to help you get into the restaurant with a pram. Now the reason given by McDonald’s for not having a ramp is because of the buildings’ Heritage listing. Apparently, this is something McDonald’s is working on and is hoping to have some solution to ‘soon’. 

Now given there is virtually no way anybody with a pram, or anyone in a wheelchair, can even get into this place, it’d be reasonable to expect the disabled bathroom/baby change table to be pretty clean. Right? WRONG!!!!!!! The disabled bathroom/baby change table in this McDonald’s is the most disgusting, filthiest facility we have seen to date. And that is definitely saying something. The toilet looked like it had not been cleaned properly in some time. The room had a terrible stench. The worst part – the baby change table. It was dirty, stained, marked and just covered in filth. There is no way any parent would want to change their child on this table. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Would you like to know the amusing thing about this? The ‘area’ guy, rather than apologise, tried to justify the excrement by saying ‘it’s a very busy restaurant’. We kindly and firmly pointed out to him that as there’s no ramp for people with prams or wheelchairs to even gain access to the restaurant, the bathroom really should be virtually untouched and, therefore, not be in such a feral state. That shut him up, as he stumbled over his feeble attempts to backtrack, finishing off by saying he would visit the store and chat to the manager. 

You know, we don’t care about having a chat with the manager. We don’t care about why the bathroom is this filthy. We want it fixed PERMANENTLY!!!! And how about the old axiom of the customer is always right? Now we all know this isn’t true anyway, but when a complaint is made about the cleanliness of a ‘family restaurant’ and the facilities therein, surely a little respect, humility and action would be in order. What do you think? Are we reaching for the stars here?

So how many other disgusting, filthy, dangerously dirty baby change areas are there in so-called ‘family restaurants’? Are there any you’ve come across which you’ve vowed to never visit again?

Let us know, and we can all work together to make these organisations accountable.