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Parent Room Pet Peeve – People without kids using the toilets

Okay, this really really bugs me. Shopping Centre staff, or members of the public who haven’t any children with them, who think it’s totally fine to use the bathroom in the Parent Rooms. Is it that much further really to any of the other toilets in the shopping centre? I don’t think so!

My little angel and I went to Macquarie Centre, North Ryde today to run a couple of errands and just hang out. We haven’t been to the Level 3 Parent Room in a long time, so thought we should see if it’s as good as I remember. Hmmmm….it’s not. It’s run down, the play centre is like a little jail cell and some of the activity unit is broken. The whole room smells like the bins have not been changed all day. But I’ll go into more detail with photos next week. And this one is actually paradise compared to the horrid conditions of the Myer Parent Room (change your baby in the car over going to this room – it’s disgusting).

The most frustrating thing is people who think they can come in and use the toilets, when they don’t have any children with them. Staff in shop uniforms wander in and out, other child-free customers wander in and out to use the facilities………what is wrong with people?

There are only 3 Parent Rooms across the 4 floors of Macquarie Centre. Just 3! Yet there are 11 other general toilet facilities throughout the centre. Are people just lazy? Can they not see the numerous toilet signs on every single floor? Maybe people think because there are little kids and parents/carers in the room they won’t get yelled at or told to go elsewhere. This must be the case, otherwise it would have stopped by now.

Maybe us mums and dads are being too nice, not wanting to cause a scene in front of our little ones. Or we are just enjoying the break from the hustle outside the automatic door, that we really just don’t want to have to  deal with any more drama. For a few minutes anyway.
But I think I have reached the end of my rope with this issue. The next time I see someone go into the toilets in the Parent Room (especially shopping centre staff) without any kids anywhere near them at all, they are going to know in no uncertain terms it is not acceptable and they should use one of the many other toilets spread throughout the entire shopping centre on every single floor.
When you’re out with your children and they need to use the toilet, you don’t have time to wait for some lazy, bored shop staffer to get out of there. You need to use that room RIGHT NOW!

So for any person who is out shopping and does not have any kids in tow, or any store staff member who cannot be bothered walking to one of the 11 toilets in the centre, have a little think about how annoying and selfish your behaviour is and the impact it has on others. 3 Parent Rooms to 11 general toilets – get a map from the Centre Management office if you really have no clue. You should know where that is – right next door to the Parent Room.