Bondi Junction NSW

Westfield Bondi Junction – Level 5, Harbour Room, Grafton Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Reviewed by B

Overall: Lovely, clean, well equipped and with views of Sydney harbour. Well worth the visit. Nappy change, rest, feed, play.

Good Points: Big open play area. Separate food prep area, including sink and microwave. Change benches opposite private feeding cubicles. Three private feeding cubicles, each with armchair. Lovely views. So nice to have a Parent Room where you can actually see outside! Excellent toilets.

Bad Points: Not much to say really. I’m not a fan of curtains on private feeding cubicles. Much prefer lockable sliding doors. I wasn’t able to check two of the three feeding cubicles, but the one I was able to see did not have extra powerpoints.

Gorgeous views from the Parent Room

Wow! What an incredible view. And all from a Parent Room in Bondi Junction. Makes changing nappies and getting snacks sorted all worthwhile. My little one & I had the pleasure of checking out this lovely Parent Room the other week while catching up with a friend and her little boy. I’d heard about this Parent Room and how great it was, so needed to check it out for myself. I have to admit, it’s pretty darn good.

You’ll find this Room With A View on Level 5, the Harbour Room level. The Parent Room is right next to the food court (and this is no ordinary food court either). It starts off with a lovely push button sliding door, and just gets better once inside.

Fun creative wall in the play area

Wall mounted activity units 

Directly to the right is a massive play area for the kids. The biggest wall is painted a lovely deep pink/maroon and has the alphabet plus loads of cute characters stuck to the wall. On the wall closest to the door, there’s two wall mounted activity centres. While it’s not packed with toys and climbing equipment, there is enough space to keep kids happy. For us parents, there’s a very comfortable large ottoman to rest on. A great idea after all the fabulous shopping you can do in this centre – my feet needed a break!

One of the two bathrooms

Something this Parent Room has that I haven’t found elsewhere is two toilet rooms! Most just have the one room containing two loos, but this Parent Room has two rooms and each has two loos in it. Very good to see. Both are well looked after. Very clean and tidy with loads of room. There’s a big loo and little loo in each toilet room, each with it’s own toilet paper dispenser. And as always I’m very happy to report the sanitary bin is between the big loo and the wall. The only downside to the toilets is there’s just one sink for handwashing. It’s not an ideal height for little people, so it would be good to see an extra lower sink in these toilets. But at least there is soap and paper towels to make sure little hands are cleaned properly.

Separate food prep area

Again, the lovely view from the food prep area

After checking out the play area and toilets, I headed to the back of the Parent Room to the massive window with views of the harbour. Wow! What a great thing to see. And just to the right of this gorgeous sight is the food prep area.. The bench has a clean and working microwave plus separate sink and soap dispenser. The wall has loads of cute characters stuck on it. It’s just a nice corner of the room. Being separate from the nappy change area is a big plus.

Inside a feeding cubicle

Opposite the food prep space is the private feeding cubicles and nappy change area. Again, this is incredibly clean and well looked after but it could do with a couple of extra features to really make it shine. There’s three private feeding cubicles, each with a comfy armchair and a colourful curtain at the front for privacy. I was only able to check one of the cubicles, as the other two were in use, but the one I checked didn’t have additional powerpoints. Bit of a bummer for those mums needing to express with an electric pump. The cubicle didn’t have a side table either, so adding that in at some point would be handy. 

Right opposite the feeding cubicles is the nappy change area. This is super convenient! The cubicles aren’t really big enough to have a change table in them, but being positioned just one step away from the change bench is perfect. It’s a long bench with three change bays built in. Nappy bins are underneath the bench in pull-out draws and there are sinks between the change bays for washing hands. Soap and papertowels are within reach, making the nappy change process a cinch.

I’ve got to say, while it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the incredible Parent Rooms created by Stockland, this particular Westfield creation is pretty great. It’s super clean, has almost everything you need……..with the added bonus of views of Sydney Harbour. Go check it out, if for no other reason than the amazing views.