Camden NSW

Camden Public Library – 40 John Street, Camden NSW 2570

Overall: Basic but clean. Disabled toilet with baby change table. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Clean. Nappy bin close to change table. Rails surround the toilet. Soap, sink, papertowel and hand dryer.

Bad Points: Not well sign posted. Pressure-swing door, not good for people with prams or wheelchairs. 

A big thanks to my #1 contributor for sending this Parent Room info to me. Camden is not on my list to visit in the near future, mainly due to the distance. So it’s very much appreciated having reviews and photos sent through of places I’ve not yet visited.

Libraries are a great place to take children, and the younger they start going the better. Little ones love books,  especially pulling them off the shelves lol! But seriously, there are activities on each week here catering to newborns through to teens. Check out the Babies into Books sessions.

Since the library is offering programs for babies, it’s good to see baby change tables have been included in the toilets. While it’s not very well sign posted (until you reach the door of the disabled toilet), there is a baby change table in the disabled toilet located within the library.
It’s a wall mounted fold out change table. The nappy bin is within easy reach, and the sink has soap, paper towel and a hand dryer all close by.
For little ones learning to use the toilet, the assistance rails around the loo will come in handy.
In regard to accessibility, there’s a ramp into the library from the car park so it’s definitely pram friendly.

So if ever you head to Camden Public Library with your little ones and they need to go,  head to the back left corner and you’ll find where to go. I’m guessing if you need to feed your baby, bring a cover for you and bub and settle in with a good book.