Cammeray NSW

Stockland Cammeray – Cnr Miller & Amherst Streets, Cammeray NSW

Overall: Great. Another piece of Stockland excellence. Nappy change, feed, play, rest.

Good Points: Clean and well maintained. One private feeding room with locking concertina door, comfortable armchair, soothing colour scheme and artwork, plus side table. Facility to provide instant feedback to the centre regarding the Parent Room. Push-button auto-slide door to the Parent Room. Adult and child size toilets, with push-button access to the bathroom, locking door from the inside, emergency button, matching adult and child size sinks with individual soap dispensers and paper towel.
Separate food prep area with microwave, bottle warmer, sink and soap dispenser. Two change bays on nappy change bench, with mobiles hanging overhead from a painted ceiling. Sink and soap between the change bays. Disposable change mats. Complimentary nappy wipes in a warmer. Compact kids play area, with armchair and television for the parents.

Bad Points: Blank signage when coming in from the direction of the street. Sanitary bin in the toilets is between the child size and adult size toilets (too close to little hands). 

As always, Stockland has created yet another amazing Parent Room. This one is smaller than other Stockland ones I’ve visited, but that aside it is still a fabulous facility.

Stockland Cammeray is basically a residential complex with a few cafes and Harris Farm Markets on the ground level. It’s not a huge place, which is probably why the Parent Room is only small. Coming from inside the centre, head towards the street and on your left you’ll see the signs for the toilets and Parent Room. If you’re coming from the street into the centre, be aware the sign facing the street for the Parent Room and toilets is actually blank. Not sure why this is. It would have to be an oversight. So if you are looking for the Parent Room and are heading into the centre from the street, just look to your right and down the hallway to find the Parent Room at the end.

My favourite frosted, push-button auto slide doors open without any hassle. Once inside, the great interior design is instantly welcoming and warm. I just love these Parent Rooms! 
Now the most important thing, particularly for mums, is the nappy change table and the feeding cubicle. Well these do not disappoint.

The change bench has two change bays, each with disposable change mats which pull out from the back of the bench. Between the two bays is the sink with soap dispenser. Nappy bins are in pull-out drawers located underneath the bench, and paper towel is against the wall. Above the change bays (this is my favourite feature) the ceiling is painted and cute mobiles are hanging down. These are absolutely magic for distracting little ones from the sometimes unhappy business of changing nappies. Only at these Parent Rooms am I able to change my little one without there being any tears, and it’s definitely because of the diversion created by the mobiles from the ceiling.
Oh!! And the complimentary baby wipes in the warmer, both you and your baby will LOVE it!

There is one private feeding room here. Normally I refer to these as cubicles, but in Stockland Cammeray, it’s a little room. The interior has been warmly decorated, with lovely little artworks on the walls. The armchair is comfortable and in great condition. And the best thing is you can latch the concertina door. Most other Stockland Parent Rooms I’ve reviewed have solid locking sliding doors, so this concertina door is a bet of a step down. On the other hand, just being able to lock it makes it a thousand times better than the curtains most other facilities give for privacy.

The toilets are fantastic. A big push-button is pressed to open the toilet door, but from the inside it can be locked to keep the door closed regardless of the button being pressed from the outside. There’s both adult and child size toilets, with hand washing sinks to match. Each has it’s own soap dispenser, which is so important for teaching kids to wash their hands. Paper towel is easily accessible for little ones. And in case there are any dramas, there is a big red Emergency button on the wall. It’d probably be better located next to the adult toilet, however, rather than the child’s toilet.

The kids play area is small but good. The Play Panel is in great condition with no missing parts, and the little stools, play mat and extra toys are pretty cute and suitable for most little ones. For us weary parents who just want to sit for a minute, there’s another comfy green armchair near the play area. Just turn the chair around so you can watch the television 🙂

Seriously, Stockland creates the BEST Parent Rooms. I am yet to find one anywhere else that comes close to what they provide. Go and check them out and let me know what you think.