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Castle Hill Community Centre, Cnr Pennant & Castle Streets, Castle Hill Sydney

Reviewed by B
Overall: Nappy change, rest, feed and play. Basic, uninviting, cold. Would prefer to nip across the road to Castle Towers and use one of the better rooms over there.
Good Points: Microwave is clean and works. It’s easy to find. The chairs are comfortable. The room is spacious.
Bad Points: Difficult to open the door when you have a pram to get inside. No decent privacy for feeding. No paper towels. Play area is just an empty cold grey section with a child safety gate – more like a holding pen. Nappy bins on opposite side of the room to the change bench. Nappy bins are right next to the sink and food prep area.

Wow. You know, I would have thought that with the amount of money thrown into building this place, the baby health clinic being on the bottom floor, library with kids activities on the top floor, and loads of family activities happening on this floor…..the Parent Room would be just a little better equipped. Maybe my expectations are getting a little high these days (NOT!).

My little princess and I had come to the community centre for a trial class of Kinder Musik. The teacher was lovely, the other mums a little cool, but the babies were all gorgeous. At only 3mths old though, we gave the idea of registering for the full program a miss and enrolled bubs in swimming the following month. Not knocking music for kids at all, just didn’t think it was what my little one needed at the time.

The Parent Room is located on Level 1 of the centre. Get out of the lifts, walk around to your left. On the wall to the right is the toilets, and further along you’ll see the door for the Parent Room. The other loos are far sexier than the Parent Room , which is disappointing. It’s almost like it was put in here as an after-thought.
During weekdays, however, it is fairly quiet which is a lovely thing. But it’s also probably because there are much better facilities just across the road!

The door is one of those pesky self-closing things, and makes it tricky to get inside with your pram. The screen to your left as you come in has the feeding/rest area on the other side. It’s two stained cloth armchairs with a small mobile table. No privacy, not nice sitting on such grubby seats.
To change your little one, you’d have to use the long white bench in the middle of the room. It’s just a bench. No grooves to rest your baby in, no bins within reach……just a bench. The nappy bins are on the opposite side of the room (the same side as the feeding area), right next to the sink where the fridge are microwave are – not very hygienic!
Now after you have changed little bottoms, the closest sink for you is at the end of the bench against the wall. Soap dispenser and hand dryer available. Adjacent to the sink is the loo. Not much to report there either.

For me, the worst thing is the play area. It’s more like a holding pen for little ones and I would never put my little girl in there. Seriously, it’s 3 walls and a child safety gate. Nothing to do in there at all. No toys, tv, chairs, cushions, paintings on the wall – NOTHING!! Might come in useful if you need a ‘naughty corner’ or something like that…..but it’s just horrible.

Bubs & I did what we needed to in there and left pretty quickly. Tried to have a feed on those chairs, but not even having a curtain for privacy made it uncomfortable for me, and also for my bub. Changed a nappy as quickly as possible and left. If you are in the centre and need something right away, use it. It does the job. If you and your little ones can wait a few more minutes until you can get somewhere more comfortable and private, then go for it. Even just a bit of colour in the place would be nice (or putting the nappy bins under the nappy bench – that would be a good start).

Castle Towers – 6-14 Castle Street, Bottom Floor, Food Court Area, Castle Hill Sydney

Reviewed by B

Overall: Terrible!!! Nappy change, feeding area, parent and child toilets – cold, dirty and run down.
Good Points: Location – off to the side of the food court on the bottom floor; Large room in the general nappy change area
Bad Points: Sharps Unit in parent & child toilet; Sanitary bin next to child’s toilet. Toilet button too high for little ones to reach; Soap dispenser and sink too high for little ones to reach. No paper towel to dry hands; Rubbish everywhere and very dirty.

This parent room is on the very bottom floor of Castle Towers in the legacy end – ie where Bilo, Coles, food outlets and other stores are.
Located in a side hallway, opposite Gloria Jeans and in the same hall as the make and female bathrooms. This should be a better facility considering the shopping centre and suburb, but it is dirty, cold, uninviting, sparsely decorated/fitted out and not at all well kept.

To top it off, there is a Sharps Unit in the toilet cubicle. Yes, I understand there may be diabetics who need this facility. The state this room was left in, however, suggests this feature is used for reasons that are not medical. I do not believe it is appropriate to have a Sharps Unit in a Parent Room. This is my belief and I am holding to it. Very disappointed and will not be taking my child there again!!

The Parent & Child toilet room was disgusting. Rubbish all over the floor, and the room was only meant to have been cleaned about 30min before we were in there (according to the celaning report on the rear of the door). There is only one sink, which is too high for little ones to get to the tap. There is only one hand dryer, and no paper towel to wipe hands. The sanitary bin is between both the big and little person loo -not good for hygiene for little ones. The button for the little loo is too high for little people to reach. The soap dispenser above sink is (like everything else) too high for little people to reach.

This is definitely a get-in, get-out as quick as you can Parent Room. Dirty, messy, very basic setup although you can change, feed and rest in the room with what has been provided. Personally, I would rather change my baby in the back of the car or feed her in the food court than spend any time in this Parent Room. We’ll check out the rooms on the other floors of Castle Towers another time. I would be surprised if they were not better than this facility. Extremely poor effort, Castle Towers. 

Amway Business Centre – 46 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill, Sydney

Overall: Good for quick nappy changes.
Good Points: Clean, basic essentials for changing little bottoms.
Bad Points: Pesky pressure-push doors (don’t know the correct term) where you need to use your body or pram to keep the door from closing while you try to get in/out of the room; no space for feeding, resting, or little ones to play.

Love Tuesdays!!! Bubba girl and I make our weekly pilgrimage to Gloria Jeans where we indulge in the deliciousness of a Regular Creme Brulee Chiller and a Babycino – yummo. There was a time when bubba girl was happy with just the Babycino. That was until she had a sip of my fantastically coffee based beverage. Now it’s a battle for me to be able to drink the chiller without having to share it – NO FAIR!!

I don’t really mind. Bub is a laugh and makes any trip to Gloria Jeans at Amway an absolute joy. Toosh is such a gem – she makes the best Babycino’s….adding extra marshmallows and making little flowers on the foam with caramel syrup. So thoughtful 🙂 Love you Toosh xx
Anyhoo, after the morning wake-up drinks we headed into the Amway store for the weekly shop. Naturally we checked out the bathrooms to suss out the baby-change facilities.
Honestly, it’s a pretty basic setup. Found in the disabled acces/unisex toilet (it also has a baby picture on the front so you know it has something in there to change bubs).
The change table is one of those hard plastic fold-out things attached to the wall. It’s a good height for me so I don’t have to bend down to far to change bub. But it’s quite narrow, and bub doesn’t seem to like it too much. She grips on to the sides for dear life and is soooo relieved when everything is done and she can get mobile again.
The change table does have a long cylinder shaped cushion. I guess it’s meant to cushion bub’s head, but it’s not easy to make that happen ‘cos there’s no way to make the cushion sit still!
Would be good if it and the table had opposing velcro attachments so the thing would stick, but it doesn’t. So the trick is – change bub fast!
The doorway is not the biggest. Can be tricky navigating most contemporary style prams inside, so goodness knows how anyone in a wheel chair gets in there. And it’s a self-closing door which you have to push open and basically use the pram to keep it open until you get inside. The turning circle inside the bathroom is pretty tiny. I’d definitely recommend leaving the pram outside the bathroom and just taking bub and the nappy bag inside. Much easier.
There are standard sink, soap, paper towels and nappy disposal units. Would be nice if the disposal units were auto ones where you only have to wave your hand over the top to open it instead of having to touch the lid. But I guess it’s better than just having a normal bin to chuck the nappies in – that’d be nice n pongy by the end of the day.
Anyway, have attached a couple of pictures. We’re home now. Bub is taking a nap – yay!! – and I am going to get organised for the rest of the day. Hmmm…. a cup of tea, maybe some reading…