Glenmore Park NSW

Glenmore Park Town Centre – 1 Town Terrace, Glenmore Park NSW 2745

Overall: Basic. Nappy change, feed (no microwave), rest.

Good Points: Ground level, no steps. Loads of signs directing you to the parent room from the moment you enter the shopping centre. Super easy to find. Toilet with locking door. Sink outside toilet door. Semi-private space containing change bench, nappy bin and chair. Extra sink and bench space, plus soap and paper towel. Additional powerpoints at main bench.

Bad Points: Regular pressure-swing door. Toilet cubicle too small to fit a pram. No soap. No real privacy for feeding. No side table. Nappy bin in same space as feeding/rest chair. Bad smelling room. No additional powerpoints in feeding area. No microwave. 

So here I am at Glenmore Park Town Centre. It’s a small shopping centre, surrounded by loads of outdoor playgrounds and sporting fields, plus loads of car parking. I didn’t see any Parents with Prams car parks, but then I didn’t trek around all of the sprawling car park either. If there are designated Parents with Prams car spaces, please let me know.

I ended up out here on a weekend, so that might explain a couple of things later on. However, this is a very pram friendly shopping centre. It’s all at ground level, so there’s no steps to negotiate. A big plus for anyone with a baby and pram. 

The best feature is the signs for the Parent Room. The moment you walk in, you see a sign hanging from the ceiling pointing you to the Toilets and Parent Room. This is what we need everywhere! You don’t have to wander around looking from corner to corner for some signs pointing you in the right direction. Here you are shown where to go right from the moment you walk through the automatic doors. Thank you Glenmore Park Town Centre.

Basically you just follow the signs to the corridor between Woolworths and the Newsagent, then keep following the signs down and around the hallways until you reach the door with the Parents sign on the front of it. The door is the usual annoying pressure-swing door, which is just not suitable for a Parent Room. It’s difficult keeping one of these doors open while you get yourself and the pram inside. And it’s not at all suitable for a double side-by-side pram. It’s far too narrow.

Inside the room is pretty basic. There’s nothing really to make you want to stay in here any longer than is absolutely necessary, but at least it does have almost all you need to do what you have to.

At the back of the room to the left is a semi-private partitioned baby change and feeding area. The change table is thick flat bench which has been bolted to the wall. The nappy bin is opposite the bench, against the partition. At the end of the bench is a wicker chair, for having a rest or feeding your baby. Unfortunately, this area smelt terrible. Being the weekend, the nappy bin probably hadn’t been changed at all. There aren’t any additional powerpoints in this space either, so if you need to express you’ll have to use the powerpoints by the main sink (can’t imagine that would be very comfortable).

In the back right corner of the room is the toilet cubicle. This has a child size toilet, which is great, and a locking door. A locking toilet door would normally be a good thing, but the cubicle is too small to house a pram. So if you’re little one likes privacy, but also likes to lock themselves in, you might have a bit of trouble here. The only options are to keep the toilet door open, so you can help out and also keep the pram in sight, or keep the pram outside the cubicle. There’s a sink just outside the toilet door for wahsing hands. Although for drying, there’s only one paper towel unit which is near the main sink and is mounted high on the wall.

This brings me to the main part of the room. The whole interior is bland and boring, with nothing to keep other children occupied. There’s a main bench with another sink, and it has the paper towel dispenser next to it. There’s a couple of additional powerpoints here, if you need to express or brought your own bottle warmer along. That might sound odd, but if you need to heat up a bottle or food for your little one you’ll need to head to one of the cafes or BYO warmer as there’s no warmer or microwave in this Parent Room.
Come to think of it, I don’t recall seeing any soap in here either. 

The best part of this Parent Room is definitely how easy it is to find. There’s alot of other shopping centres we’ve seen which could do well to learn from Glenmore Park Town Centre. And while the room is basic and in need of extras (and some essentials like soap!), it’s definitely better than some more high profile centres we’ve seen. At least this room has a toilet for little ones to use.