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Public Toilets by Lane Cove Council – Lane Cove Plaza, Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066


Good Points: NOTHING!!!

Bad Points: EVERYTHING!!!!

This is the most disgusting public facility we have EVER seen!! Do not go here with your children under any circumstances. It is filthy and horrible. Lane Cove Council should be ashamed and embarrassed.

When you’re in Lane Cove Plaza, there’s a big Plaza Noticeboard and at the bottom of it is a direction to the public toilets. Just ignore it!!!! Head to the loos near Woolworths instead (they are clean, nice, well equipped and basically fit for humans to use).

Behind this noticeboard is a fabulous covered area where many young families enjoy catching up. If they’re new to the area though, and don’t know about the other baby change facilities near Woolies, they’ll be horrified at what they find at the council toilets. Families in the area, please make sure you let other parents and carers with little ones know NOT to use the council loos indicated on the sign…..but to use the others near Woolies instead. Think of it as your good deed for the day!

When you approach the public toilets, even before you get to the doorway you can tell it’s not going to be a good experience – not at all. The outside is filthy and smelly, giving you an inkling of what you’re going to find inside. Come equipped with quarantine suits!

The male toilets actually have a wall mounted fold out baby change table against one of the walls. However, just one look at it and there is no way you would even put your nappy bag on it let alone have any part of your child come in contact with it. It is grubby in the extreme and doesn’t look like it has been cleaned since the start of the century. Oh and please do pay attention to the unattractive strip of mould running down the wall at the rubbish bin end of the change table. How classy.

The sink is virtually useless. The tap requires constant pressure in order to get any water flow, which is silly since you want to clean your hands of the filth in this place. Having to apply constant pressure to the tap to be able to wash your hands, well it’s a never ending cycle in this hovel. Our reviewer was pleasantly surprised (only just) to find a soap dispenser in here! What a novelty. The council might like to use the soap to clean the entire bathroom! Although some more nuclear strength products would be the strength required to make this place fit for use.

The bathroom door does have a lock on it, so you can have some privacy if you did decide to risk you and your baby’s life and use these facilities. If you do choose to lock the door, make sure you wear gloves or douse your hands in a bottle of anti-bacterial gel after touching it.

The bathroom floor is, well there aren’t enough words to describe how completely disgusting it is. As for the toilet……’d probably be better off holding it in and risk constipation or a kidney infection than come in contact with this unit.

Basically, do not use these public toilets at all. Even if you have parked a long way away, you’d be loads better off trekking back to the car, or using the pram to change your little ones than even thinking about using this dump. Spread the word and avoid it at all costs. When you’re in Lane Cove, head to the parent rooms near Woolies instead.





Lane Cove NSW

Lane Cove Plaza – 45 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove NSW 2066

*from Kelly*

Overall: Clean and spacious. Nappy change, rest, feed.

Good Points: Clean, roomy, with enough space for prams. Plenty of nappy bins. Private feeding cubicle.

Bad Points: There doesn’t appear to be a microwave or bottle warmer. Curtain for privacy rather than a locking door to the private cubicle.

This review came from Kelly. The Parent Room in Lane Cove Plaza is clean, which is the first big tick. Scungy Parent Rooms, no matter how well equipped they are, turn you off and have you heading back to the car. So it’s great to see a clean, well maintained Parent Room.
There’s one main change bench, with two change bays. The sink and soap are at the end of the bench.
Along the far wall are a few nappy bins. Having more than one bin in a parent room is a great feature. You just never know how busy a room will be from one day to the next, so having more than one bin is sensible.

The private feeding area has enough room for a pram, and is equipped with a bench, side table and armchair. Privacy is provided by a curtain, which is good but a door would be ideal.

For parents with children learning to use the toilet, you’ll be happy to know there are both child and adult size toilets in the Parent Room. The toilet paper dispenser for the little toilet is at a lower height, perfect for kids. There’s enough room to get a pram in here too, so you can take it in there with you. Love it!

Thanks so much, Kelly xx