Lidcombe NSW

Power Centre Lidcombe – 92 Parramatta Rd, Lidcombe, Sydney

Overall: Nappy change, feed, rest & play. Good facilities.

Good Points: Roomy, with all the essentials you need. Massive Parent Room, Good size playground. Heaps of bench space. Lounge so you can have a rest. Lockable toilet with big and little loo (matching big and little sinks).

Bad Points: Parent Room is on a different level to the playground and baby stores. No microwave or bottle warmer. Cold, grey and harsh lighting.

Yes, I love visiting Spotlight. No, I am not an old lady (well not in the grey hair, bingo playing sense anyway). When winter hits, I do love to get out the crochet needles, wool and begin creating a new blanket.
So when I need more wool for my latest crochet project, I usually head to my local Spotlight store in the Lidcombe Power Centre on Parramatta Rd.

Check out the above centre directory: 

Level 1 – Bubs Baby Shop, Spotlight, Discount Party Warehouse  – pretty much all the places mums would go with their little ones. The indoor playground is also located on Level 1, along with the male and female restrooms.

Ground Level – Anaconda, Oak Furniture, Workout World, Food Court etc – not much baby/child related here, except for the Parent Room (and more male & female restrooms). Seriously, does anyone else think this is mad? At least have the indoor playground on the same level as the Parent Room.
Wouldn’t that be a sensible idea? I would have thought so. But clearly the designers and decorators of this place didn’t think.

The play area is pretty good. Fenced in with the standard child-safety gate. It’s long and narrow, but the upside is your little ones can get some exercise running from one set of equipment to the other. 

The Parent Room is big, basic and boring. You’re definitely not encouraged to stay there for any longer than is absolutely necessary. From Level 1, take the Lift to Ground Level, turn left when you get out of the lift and left again down the corridor.On your left you’ll find the Parents Room.

My thoughts on the Parent Room: it does the job. If you want to get in and out of there pretty fast, this is the Parent Room you want. Nothing to keep the little ones entertained in there. This Parent Room is functional, efficient, and definitely not somewhere you’ll probably want to spend any more time in than is necessary.
My thoughts on the whole centre: has what you need, but in the wrong places. Makes the shopping experience more complicated than it should be.