Manly NSW

Rialto Lane, The Corso, Manly NSW

Reviewed by C

Overall: Horrible!! Complete total last resort – and even then I’d think twice. Nappy change (if you’re brave).

Good Points: It has two change tables, two sinks and nappy bins. That’s all I can say that’s ‘good’.

Bad points: Difficult to find. Graffiti covered front door. Smelly. Dirty. Very poor condition.

Follow the signs 

Manly is such a lovely spot. Even on a cool day like this one, there’s still loads to do. We walked by the beach all the way around to Shelley Beach and back again. Had the required fish n chips for lunch, followed by Ben n Jerry’s ice cream (so good!). Bubba had the pleasure of playing on the sand for the first time (loved it, of course). Just a really lovely place to go. Although the same cannot be said for the Parent Room in Rialto Lane.

Keep walking past all the stores and cafes

Finally! Hidden on the left as you get to the Square

The photos of this Parent Room actually make it look better than it is, which is scary. Wandering down The Corso, we were keeping our eyes open for any indication of a Parent Room. The hard-to-miss signs directing you to the beach and everything else, also pointed us down Rialto Lane to find the Parent Room. So off we went in search of it. We walked, and walked, looking up every little corner and alleyway for some sign of the Parent Room. It wasn’t as clearly sign posted as we’d hoped! Not good for any parent who needs the facilities asap. Eventually we found it, right at the end of Rialto lane where the cafes are….just to the left in a dark covered area. Doesn’t feel very safe either, not even during the day.

Not very encouraging front door

The front door was not very encouraging. Worn, scratched and covered in graffiti….little hope was left for what would be found inside. Well we weren’t disappointed, sadly. The Parent Room stinks!!! Literally, it smells awful! Thankfully bubs didn’t need changing, because there is no way I would use this place. 

Change table number one

Change table number two

The photos actually make it look a whole lot better than it is. There’s two wall mounted fold out change tables in the room. Both looked clean enough, but based on how badly this place smells and how dirty it is……I’d be wiping the whole change table with anti-bacterial solution before putting my little one on there.

Massive nappy bins

There’s two sinks, a bench, nappy bins, soap dispenser and a dodgy hand dryer. Really there’s nothing more to say about this Parent Room. If you’re going to  use it, just be prepared to clean down every surface you and bubs will be coming into contact with then make sure you really clean your skin afterwards….just to make sure. There has to be a better facility in The Corso somewhere! Will have to check out the other end of The Corso next visit……this can’t be all there is in the way of Parent Rooms.