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Sydney International Airport – Departures Level

Overall: Good. Nappy change, rest, feed, toilets.

Good Points: Easy to find. Two private feeding cubicles, with locking doors, couch/armchair, foldout change tables. Adult and child size toilets. Additional powerpoints. Lots of bench space. Clean and working microwave. Big sink, with soap dispenser.

Bad Points: Narrow door way to cubicles. Manual door to parent room. Harsh lighting and plain colours. One toilet roll for both toilets.

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The Departures Level of the Sydney International Airport has a pretty good parent room. It’s loads better than what’s available at the Domestic Terminals, thank goodness. We weren’t too sure where to find the parent room, but after checking in for our flight, we asked one of the Airport Volunteers who directed us to the bathrooms. The parent room is just past the duty free stores, past the check in counters. Follow the signs and you find it easily.

Having experienced quite poor parent rooms at Domestic Airports across the country, our hopes weren’t high regarding the quality of facilities here. However, we were actually quite surprised.

The parent room has two private feeding/change cubicles, a separate toilet room with both adult and child size toilets. Plus there is a microwave, big sink, soap dispenser, loads of bench space and additional powerpoints all in the main area of the room. This is really a good place to grab a bit of quiet time with bub before heading off on your overseas adventure.

While the lighting is harsh, and the colours very much in the style of uniform public bathrooms, the parent room does have all the things you need to look after your little ones. Each private cubicle has a door that locks from the inside. There is a wall mounted, fold out change table in each cubicle, plus a big comfy armchair. This is really good. We were expecting hard plastic chairs, so finding armchairs was just lovely.

The toilet room door also locks from the inside, and has both adult and child size toilets (perfect for kids learning to use the loo on their own). The only problem here is there is one toilet paper roll for both toilets, and it’s on the side of the adult loo. Adding an extra roll on the size of the kids toilet would be very handy.

The main area of the parent room has loads of bench space. Yay for being able to keep bags off the floor! Above the sink is a microwave which was clean and in working order. At one end of the bench there’s additional powerpoints, and at the other end is a massive sink plus soap dispenser. Seriously, the sink is big enough to rinse off a baby that has had a number 3 (those of you who have experienced a #3, know what we mean).

Check out the photos! Keep it in mind the next time you’re heading overseas with the kids. You’ll be glad you remembered!


Stamford Sydney Airport – O’Riordan St, Mascot NSW 2020

Overall: Clean and basic. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Clean facilities. Sink, soap and paper towel. Toilet with assistance rails. Wall mounted fold out change table. Extra powerpoints next to the change table.

Bad Points: A bit hard to find. Sink, soap and paper towel all too high for children to reach.

These photos were taken by my lovely hubby. He was very thankful for the Concierge who told him where to find the toilets and baby change facilities, as the only signs are way up high above the hallways. He’d walked under this sign a couple of times without realising it was there! But that aside, he was happy to find a basic yet clean baby change table.

The baby change table is located in the disabled bathroom. It’s a wall mounted fold out table, so nothing overly out of this world, but it’s all you need to do a quick change. There’s also extra powerpoints next to the table.
There’s just one standard toilet in here, with assistance rails. It’d be too high for little ones to use, but the rails would probably give them the help they need to get on and off the toilet.
The handwashing facilities are all out of the reach of children. So if you’re little one is learning proper hygiene, then they’ll most likely need some help from mum or dad. It’s good to see paper towel here instead of a hand dryer. 

If you’ve stayed at the Stamford Airport Mascot, what other baby friendly features have you found?

Krispy Kreme (basic) – 7 Ross Smith Ave, Mascot NSW 2020

Overall: Basic. Terrible hygiene. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Sink. Soap dispenser. Baby change table. Locking door. Assistance rails around toilet.

Bad Points: Poor hygiene. Hand dryer instead of paper towel. Change table behind door. General rubbish bin only. Empty soap dispenser

Nothing too exciting to tell you about these facilities. It’s not like you’d be spending hours at Krispy Kreme, unless you’re waiting here for a plane to arrive because it’s cheaper to park at Krispy than the airport carpark (we’ve done that!)

The setup is very basic. Like most fast food outlets, the baby change table is in the disabled bathroom. The doorways to the toilet corridor, and then the disabled bathroom are not pram-friendly. So you might want to leave the pram in the car. A good point about the door to the disabled bathroom is it locks from the inside. This is a BIG PLUS! Just make sure you DO lock it, because the change table is right behind the door. The last thing you want is for someone to push open the door and knock your baby off the change table. If you remember nothing else, PLEASE remember to LOCK the door.

The change table is the usual wall mounted fold out variety. Clean and usable. It’s probably the best part. There isn’t any paper towel, so you’re stuck with the cootie-breeding hand dryer instead. The soap dispenser was empty, so even if you did want to wash and drip dry your hands……you can’t! 

Oh! And one more thing, there is just a general rubbish bin for nappy disposal. No proper nappy bin in here. Just a regular rubbish bin. Not so good people. You know, the next time we’re going to pick someone up from the airport, we might wait in the Formula 1 carpark instead. I’m not too keen on ordering any food items from this Krispy Kreme anymore.