Merrylands NSW

Strap them in at Stockland Merrylands

This is such a great invention!! Sometimes you go out with your baby either just in your arms, or strapped into a baby carrier. If you need the bathroom, rather than your baby, when you’re out, it can be very tough holding on to bub with one hand while you wrangle the zip on your jeans with the other. Well there is now a solution!! While it’s not available in all shopping centre bathrooms, we can only hope there will be more soon.

Check this out!! A strap-in baby seat in the ladies bathroom, at Stockland Merrylands! It’s in one of the cubicles, and is simply one of the best inventions we’ve seen. Just pop bub in the seat, do up the straps, do what you need to do, take bub out of the seat and off you go. What a fabulous idea, and snaps to Stockland Merrylands for making this available.


Have you seen one of these? Let us know where.

Merrylands NSW

Stockland Merrylands, Ground Level – Pitt, McFarlane & Treves Streets, Merrylands NSW 2160

Reviewed by B

Overall: Fantastic!! Stockland knows what it’s doing when it comes to Parent Rooms. Nappy change, feed, rest, play….and lots of other extras! Huge Parents with Prams parking spaces.

Good Points: Powerpoints in private feeding cubicles. Lockable doors from the inside of private feeding cubicles. Complimentary toys for little ones. Completely separate food prep area, including separate sink. Disposable change mats. Complimentary nappy wipes in a nappy wipe warmer. Mobiles above each change bay. Small fenced play area, including television. Big & little loo, with big and little sinks. HUGE Parents with Prams parking spaces.

Bad Points: Hmmmm…………..okay, if I have to think of something…the paintwork is probably not as soothing  as the room at Baulkham Hills. White is a bit bright and clinical, but that aside……..there’s not much else to say!

Enter the wonderful Parents Room

Stockland has done it again!!! Another fabulous parent room in a shopping mall that is definitely child-friendly, parent-friendly, whole family-friendly! I thought Stockland Baulkham Hills had set the bar exceptionally high, and was not too sure if the other Stockland centres would be on par. Well, I’ve discovered the Merrylands centre is just as good.

I read in the local paper the next stage of the shopping centre was being launched at the end of the week. So I thought, what better time to check out the Parent Room than on a massively busy day! Thursday Sept 2nd came along, so my little one and I bundled up to cope with the rain and cold, got into the car and headed west to Merrylands.

HUGE car spaces

Loads of Parents With Prams parking spaces

Now I have never been to this shopping centre before, and was wondering how difficult it would be to firstly get a park, and secondly find our way into the actual stores. And you know what, it was all a breeze. There is loads of parking, and we did not have to any further than the undercover ground level car park to find an enormous Parents With Prams parking space, right near the Lift to the shops. Seriously, these car spaces are HUGE! Three Parents with Prams spaces are in what’s normally a 4-car space area. You can confidently open the car door and get your little one out and into the pram, without tapping the car next to you. It just makes the start of the shopping experience an absolute pleasure. And it only gets better.

The Lift is really big, really really big. You could fit a couple of trolleys and prams in there, I’d think. And it’s clean and fairly speedy. We got out on the level where K-Mart is and just strolled up and down the walkways, checking out the stores, the excitement and listening to what people had to say as they were walking past. It’s a fairly easy centre to navigate, with travelators or lifts to take you to the different floors. (Travelators are a mum-with-a-pram’s best friend), and the walkways are nice and wide. Even on this busy opening day, I wasn’t having to twist and turn the pram around people. Very  happy.

Follow the signs! Just near Priceline

While I was having loads of fun checking seeing all the different stores, I thought we better check out the Parent Room. After all, that was the reason for coming here. 
How did I find it? I look to the sky, eyes scan the ceiling for the sign, and there it is! Look for the green sign hanging down, just near Priceline Pharmacy. It has every parents favourite symbol, the baby in a stroller. Off we went!!

The entry to Parent Room paradise
The Parent Room was a cinch to find. Just head up the hallway in the direction of the signs, follow it around until you find the Parent Room. You really can’t miss it. Massive sliding door with ‘Parents Room’ written on it, along with the baby in a stroller symbol. I think we found the right place.
Fantastic change bays with disposable mats

This Parent Room is incredibly well equipped. I don’t know who is responsible for the Stockland Parent Rooms but they deserve a gold medal!! I know I’ve said it a few times already, but these are the best equipped Parent Rooms ever!! If you reckon there is better, then you better let me know because I think it’d be really really tough to beat these. There’s a lovely wide couch as soon as you enter the room, with space for a couple of mums to sit and rest, while kids head into the fenced play area. While we were there one mum was bottle feeding her angel and another was just chilling out with hers. It’s such a friendly room.
Complimentary nappy wipes in a warmer!

There’s two change bays (if my memory serves right), with disposable change liners. At the head of each change bay is a roll of liner. Just grab hold of the end, pull it out to cover the length of the change space then rip it off afterwards and throw it away! Too easy and such a nice feature. Save your own reusable change mat for other less thoughtful Parent Rooms – you won’t need to use it here 🙂
And if the weather is a bit cool and the wipes you’ve brought will be a bit chilly on your little ones bottom, then use the complimentary wipes provided in the nappy wipe warmer on the bench! How good is that!!! Make the nappy change experience a whole lot better for mums and bubs. Plus there are cool mobiles hanging above each change bay to keep little ones distracted, and the delightful basket of take home toys – i love these orange hippos! So cute. Oh!!! And of course there is a sink, soap dispenser, and paper towels at the change bench too. The bins are underneath the bench in pull out cupboards.
Fun play area – great for a break

The play area is really good. A couple of parts are missing from one of the wall mounted play units, but other than that it’s in great condition and keeps little people entertained for a good while. A big flat screen tele is mounted on the wall. While we were there the news was on. One of the dads had a go at finding the wonderful ABC 2 channel but it wasn’t picking up the signal. That’s probably the only real downer in this room. Little ones really don’t need to hear about who’s been shot and where.
The television high up in the play area

Without a doubt, the absolute winning best feature of the Stockland Parent Rooms is the private feeding cubicles. Even if the rest of the facility was basic, the private feeding cubicles would still make these the best! Just to be able to feed your little one in total privacy…’s such a comfort. Go in, slide the door shut and LOCK IT! Yes!!!!! A lockable door!!!!!!!
Totally private feeding rooms

There are two comfy, totally private feeding cubicles – hold on – ROOMS! Cannot call them cubicles anymore. Not when you can lock the door and know you and your little one have complete privacy. Such bliss!
Each room has a comfy armchair, little side table, wall mounted play unit, television AND POWERPOINTS!! Yes ladies, you can use your electric breast pump in private!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this is a really big deal. And I’ve not found any other centres yet, apart from Stocklands, that have powerpoints in the feeding cubicles. So well done!
Television in the feeding room

Activity Centre in the feeding room

Something else I love about these rooms: each has an emergency button. I would hate to ever have a need to use it, but it’s an added comfort to know there is one within reach if you need one. If you can’t get out of the room, you or your little one has a fall or becomes ill……’s nice to know help is going to come at the push of a button. 
Emergency button in each feeding room

Separate food prep area – incl bottle warmer

Now just check out the above photo. How great is it to have separate food prep area. Completely set apart from the nappy change area. Love it to bits! Okay, so most Parent Rooms have a sink and microwave….but do they also have an actual bottle warmer? Filtered drinking water? Disposable cups so you CAN drink the water? 
It really is a good thing this place does not have a coffee machine inside it or I probably would not leave for hours. But shopping has to be done, and me and my angel do need sunlight at some stage during the day, so after chatting to a couple of the parents in the room, taking the essential photos so you can check the place out for yourself….we pack up and head to the next destination. The Level 1 Parent Room!