Narellan NSW

Narellan Town Centre – Camden Valley Way, Narellan NSW 2567

Overall: Okay. Has everything you need, but skimps on the things that make it a comfy experience. Nappy change, feed, rest.

Good Points: Easy to find. Good signage. Push button auto-slide door. Adult and child toilets. Couches to feed and rest upon. Nappy change bench with bins underneath. Clean and working microwave. Sink next to microwave, with soap and hand dryer. Television mounted on the wall.

Bad Points: No private feeding cubicles. No additional powerpoints. No paper towel. Shared sink for food prep and nappy change benches.Toilet too small to fit a pram. Nothing to entertain children apart from television.

After a shocking search for what turned out to be highly inadequate Parent Rooms in a very high profile shopping centre last week, it’s such a relief to be sent photos of Parent Rooms out in the suburbs that actually have all the basics. Thanks to my regular contributor for sending through these photos of the Parent Room at Narellan Town Centre.

The first thing that’s so great here is the Parent Room is well sign posted, making it super easy to find. This is the first thing a mum needs to know – where is it? You don’t want to have to be wondering around with a distressed baby looking for the hidden Parent Rooms. Narellan Town Centre has thought about it and has a big sign hanging from the ceiling, which is visible as you come up the travelator from the car park. First big thumbs up!

The next great feature is the push button auto-slide door. These are a must-have on every Parent Room. Anyone who doesn’t understand why should try opening one of the regular pressure-swing doors with a pram and children in tow. Then the reason for push-button auto-slide doors becomes very clear.

When you get inside, well, it’s not the best Parent Room but it’s by no means the worst. It’s great to see adult and child size toilets, although there’s not enough room for a pram in there. If you do have a pram with you, either use it to chock the door open, or close the toilet door and keep the pram on the outside. 

The baby change bench has three nappy change bays, with nappy bins tucked underneath the bench. This is another little thing that’s actually very very helpful. It allows you to dispose of nappies without having to turn away from your little wriggling baby.
On the downside though, there’s only one sink to use for both the nappy change bench and the food prep area. Not great for hygiene. But at least there is a sink, and a microwave.

The thing that’s disappointing here is there’s no private feeding cubicles. Not even a curtained off section of the room to feed in privacy. Instead there are a couple of couches in the main part of the room. This is fine if you don’t mind feeding in front of whoever else is there and you’re baby doesn’t mind either, but it’s not ideal. This room would be much better if there was even just one private feeding cubicle created. It would help mums and bubs feel a whole lot more comfortable and secure when feeding.

So that’s about it for Narellan Town Centre. It’s an okay room with all the basics. Just make sure you take a blanket with you to cover you and bubs when feeding, and bring nappy wipes and tissues to clean up after changing nappies. Other than that., it’s a pretty good room.