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Hungry Jack’s – Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW 2750

Overall: Basic but good. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Clean wall mounted fold out baby change table. Nappy bins. Disposable mats available in the change table. Large doorway. Door locks from the inside. Assistance rails beside the toilet.

Bad Points: Grubby table (use the complimentary table liners). Toilet paper unit is quite low.

Here’s another fast food outlet review! All fast food restaurants aren’t equal, and that’s not just in regard to food. When it comes to baby change facilities, there are massive differences in quality among the companies (and also individual franchises within companies). Hungry Jacks Penrith has one of the better setups we’ve seen. Actually, HJs overall tends to be the leader in terms of quality in baby change facilities.

This store has a good setup. The baby change table is in the disabled bathroom, with a doorway big enough to fit a larger pram. The door also locks from the inside so you can change your baby in privacy.

The change table is a bit grubby, but the good thing is there is a fully stocked compartment of disposable change mats. Yay!!!!! You could count on one hand the number of places we’ve found that actually do have change mats in this compartment. This is a good thing 🙂

To the left of the change table, against the wall, are the nappy disposal bins. There’s two of them, and both are within easy reach of the change table.

The toilet has assistance rails, which are very useful for little ones who are learning to use the toilet. The toilet paper unit, however, is a bit low considering the height of the toilet. It’d be great if it was just a little bit higher.

It’s great to find a fast food store that has bathrooms which are easy to get a pram into, without needing to do a 3 point turn. The play area at this store is great fun, and we’ll definitely be putting it on the preferred pit-stop list when heading out that way again.

The next time you’re travelling through Penrith, stop in and check it out for yourself. Let us know what you think.

NSW Penrith

Krispy Kreme – Mulgoa Rd, Penrith NSW (in front of Panthers)

Reviewed by B
Overall: Great pit stop. Nappy change only, but you could rest & feed in the store area. 
Good points: There are two baby change facilities. One in the female bathroom and the other in the disabled bathroom. Clean, well maintained bathrooms. The store has comfortable booth seating inside, plus regular hard tables and chairs inside and out. Kids are entertained watching the donuts being made from start to finish (i still love watching it!). Lovely friendly staff during the weekdays.
Bad Points: All the things that are negatives are because of the nature of the business – you’re not going to find healthy snacks here. It’s not a shopping centre so you’re not going to find a restful parent room here. Small bathrooms – female bathroom probably too small for a pram ,disabled bathroom is bigger.

So my little pixie and I trekked out to Penrith to run a couple of errands. Chatted to the manager of a gym, made a followup visit at a supplement store, it was a very productive and fun morning! I know it’s not the orthodox thing to do, taking your little one on sales calls but we have so much fun. And she’s such a star. So well behaved and charms the pants off everyone we meet – she’s my secret weapon 🙂

Anyway, after such a great morning we deserved a pretty special treat and I remembered seeing Krispy Kreme on our way in (along with a squillion other fast food and family restaurants). Back along Mulgoa Rd, heading towards the M4 from the centre of Penrith, Krispy Kreme is on your right. Just turn at the lights on Mulgoa Rd in front of Panthers and pull into Krispy’s. As soon as you walk inside the front door, on your left is the door for the Restrooms.

Now it’s not the flashest set of bathrooms around, but you wouldn’t expect that anyway in a donut store. I’m actually impressed ‘cos the bathrooms were really clean! Often not the case in fast food outlets. Sure the sign on the door is a tad worn and ratty, but it’s the inside that counts (that phrase just lasts forever, huh).
Baby change tables are wall mounted and located in both the female and disabled bathrooms, which are on the left side of the corridor as you walk through the Restroom door. The disabled bathroom is locked, so if the female bathroom is occupied just go ask management for the keys to the other room. On weekdays anyway, the staff on duty are so nice I don’t think they’ll be tiresome about getting the keys at all.

I’m not a huge fan of sideways lying change tables, only ‘cos my little one is not super confident on them (grips on for dear life!)…but it’s clean and does the job. There’s only one loo in the bathroom, and little ones will probably need a hand getting on and off. The sink is standard height so little ones will probably need help there too. Soap, paper towels, hand dryer and bin are all present and accounted for. Yay!!
Still amazes me that a fast food restaurant has better facilities in a shared bathroom than some stand alone Parent Rooms in shopping centres.. Something wrong somewhere!

Work all finished, photos taken and we’re happy with what we’ve seen – time to get some donuts!!!
If you haven’t been there before, the little viewing platform and huge glass windows let you watch the donut making process. My bubs hadn’t been here before and LOVED watching the machines do their thing. I still love watching it! And then there is the best part of all…..choosing which donuts to buy.
We were only going to get one….but it had been so long between donuts….and there were new varieties and they all looked so good….so we ended up with a 6pk instead. Only 4 made it home though. I mean after doing so much driving and business, and it was only lunchtime we really did need to get some energy back into us. And what better way than with a chocolate and sprinkles topped donut for the 2yo, and a glazed blueberry creation for me. So so soooooo yummy. And you know what? Even with that tasty sugar hit, lil princess was fast asleep about 15min into our 40min car trip home. Such a trooper.