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Wenty Leagues Has A Revamped Parent Room!

Big thanks to Adrian Cook for sending in these photos!!!

Overall: Really good. Nappy change, rest, feed, play.

Good Points: It’s new!! Easy to find, well sign posted. Near the new indoor playground. Feeding and change room is separate from the toilets. Door to feeding/change room locks from the inside. Clean and working microwave. Sink, soap and paper towel. Nappy change bay built into bench. Nappy disposal bin. A couple of chairs. Powerpoints in the feeding/change room. Completely separate room for toilets. Adult and child size toilets. Adult and child size sinks. Extra fold out change table in the toilets.

Bad Points: Doorway may be a bit narrow for double prams. One sink in the nappy change/feeding room. One toilet paper unit for the two toilets.

Wenty Leagues has really stepped up in the facilities available for families with small children.

The previously all-outdoor, semi-covered play area has been revamped. There’s now a HUGE indoor, playground complete with computer game terminals, gigantic slides, climbing equipment and loads more. It’s awesome!

To match this tops-as playground is the newly renovated parent room. The previous one was, well, just a change table in the disabled bathroom. It was clean and functional, but nothing like what’s available now.

The parent room is on the same floor as the playground, just near the bistro and lifts. Follow the signs around the little hallway and the parent room is at the end of it. For double prams, the hallway and the corner could be a little tricky but then again it might be ok. It just doesn’t look overly wide.

The parent room is small and cosy, but brand new and very clean. It’s very quiet too! My favourite feature is that you can lock the door from the inside, meaning you really can feed in private. I love that! The parent room has a single change bay built into the bench. There are a couple of chairs in here, which you can use for feeding. They’re not all that comfy, but they’re not plastic bbq chairs either, so you can kind of get past it. There is a sink built into the bench, plus soap, paper towel and nappy disposal bin all within reach of the change bench. The microwave is clean and working (yay!!) and for those who need powerpoints for expressing, there is a set at the far end of the room against the wall. This room really is well equipped, with the essentials you need to look after the needs of your baby.

Now for bigger kids, ones who are using the toilet but aren’t old enough to go on their own,   there is a separate room down the hallway (on the right as you enter). It’s lockable from the inside and has room enough for a pram. There’s an adult size and child size toilets, with matching sinks. The only real downside is there’s just one toilet paper dispenser for both toilets. It can be a little tough for little arms to reach. Other than that, it’s really clean, in great condition, and doesn’t smell!

Oh!!! I nearly forgot. There is also a fold out baby change table inside the toilet room. Yay!!! This is a fabulous addition, that comes in handy when the feeding/baby change room is occupied. While you obviously aren’t going to feed your baby in the toilet, you can change them in here when the other change room is in use.

Wenty Leagues really have done some good work in making the club more family friendly. A great place to take the kids on a rainy day, or any other day when you want to get the kids to burn off steam but don’t want to have walk around the shops all day.


Wentworthville Shopping Plaza – 326 Great Western Hwy, Wentworthville NSW 2145

Overall: Basic. Not so great. Change table in female toilets only.

Good Points: Undercover parking. Ramp from the undercover parking up to the shopping centre. Baby change table in the female toilets. Sign on the female toilets indicating a baby change table inside. Female toilets are clean and modern. Wall mounted fold out baby change table, in good condition with straps intact. Nappy bins.

Bad Points: No sign in the centre indicating a parent room. Narrow hallway leading to baby change facilities. No change table in the male toilets. Poorly positioned change table in the female toilets.

Decked out in green to celebrate St Patricks Day, my little family and I headed out to see what we could find in the way of parent rooms and baby change facilities in Wentworthville. We’ve learnt through the parent room hunting process over the years to never take the signs hanging in shopping centres as gospel. If we did, we’d never have found many of the baby change tables and parent rooms that are lurking about. Wentworthville Shopping Plaza is one of those places.

There’s loads of parking, both outside and undercover here, but we couldn’t see any Parents with Prams parking. If you’re parking undercover, the upside is there’s a great big winding ramp leading from the carpark up to the centre of the shopping centre. Very pram friendly.

It’s a small centre, which is nice for a change as it makes navigating a whole lot easier. On the downside, there aren’t any signs letting you know there is in fact a baby change table available for use. At the far end of the plaza, near the fruit & veg shop, there’s a sign hanging from the ceiling directing you to the female/male/disabled toilets and centre management. No hint here of a parent room or baby change facilities.

The hallway leading to the toilets is a little on the narrow side, so if you have a big pram you could find this hall to be a bit snug, especially if there is someone else coming the other way. At the end of the hallway, there’s another sign pointing to the right for the male and female toilets and centre management. Still no sign of a baby change table or parent room!

So turning right into the final hallway, we discovered a teeny tiny sign on the front of the female toilets (on the left side of the hallway) showing a baby change table. Bingo!!! There is one here after all! Go and spread the word!

The female toilets are nice and clean. There are two nappy disposal bins within reach. There’s toilets on the right, three sinks on the left, and the wall mounted fold out baby change table attached to the far wall. The table is clean, in good condition, with the straps intact. However, it has been installed in a pretty bad spot. It’s right outside the door of the final toilet cubicle. If someone is in this cubicle and you need to use the baby change table, whoever is in the loo won’t be able to get out until you’ve finished attending to your little one. On the other hand, if all the other toilets are in use and you’re using the baby change table, and someone needs to use that final cubicle, they’re gonna have to wait until you’ve finished doing what you have to do with bubby. Not the best planning huh.

Look this isn’t the worst place we’ve seen, but it’s not the best. It’s good to know though, if you’re ever heading to this centre, that there is actually a baby change table available in the female toilets. You wouldn’t know there was one if you relied on the signs. So for all the parents in the area, let them know! Well, all the mums anyway. Unfortunately, the dads have been left out again 🙁




Wenty Leagues – Cnr Cumberland Hwy & Smith Street, Wentworthville Sydney

Reviewed by B

Overall: Good. Nappy change in disabled toilet. Outdoor covered play equipment. Kids Club on Tuesdays.

Good Points: Clean, roomy area in disabled loo for changing bottoms. Great play equipment. Ramp access into club foyer. Cute kids meals that come in a cardboard activity box. Good food 🙂

Bad Points: No ramp inside club to get to different levels. Lift or stairs only. No area where you can feed in private – be prepared to feed in public, and be covered at the same time.

I love Wenty Leagues!! Does that make me a westy? I don’t care anyway. It’s a great place, made even more fabulous by my lovely brother-in-law being one of the chef’s on staff. Really, he is an incredible chef. And mad as a cut snake, in a good way hehehe.

So how did I end up at Wenty? I had to pick up my Father In Law (FIL). Gosh, that makes him sound like a wino huh hehehe. Seriously, he is the best FIL ever. I think I am very lucky to have wonderful inlaws.
Anyway, a few weeks ago a fabulous well-connected friend gave me his 3 members tickets to the last State of Origin game being held in Sydney. FIL had a blast with me at the NRL Grand Final 2009 so I was pretty confident he’d love to come to this too. I offered him the third ticket and he snapped it up – good man.
He stayed at chef’s place for a couple of nights (‘cos FIL lives in the boonies) and when chef came to work on the Wednesday FIL went with  him. And that’s how bubba and I ended up at Wenty Leagues.

Parking was a cinch. It was only about 11am and we found a park in the first carpark at the front of the club. It’s not the main carpark though, but I always use this one. The bigger outdoor, and the undercover car park is at the back of the club so you can just drive straight to the back for more parking options. Haven’t seen any Parent With Prams parking there, but it’s a club so it’s not like pram parking is high on the priority list.
I was a little worried if the front desk staff would let us in! My little girl was dressed impeccably, as always, but I was in jeans, nice shirt and…..thongs. I pulled my jeans at the legs to try and make them cover my feet as much as possible, but there’s not mistaking a pair of thongs on someone. They were my formal thongs though – black Havianas – so I was let through without a bat of an eyelid. Yes! Also, it’s Wentworthville so they’re probably not too strict on footwear (my guess anyway).
Getting inside the club from the front is easy. Stairs or ramp. Love it. Any place that has a ramp automatically gets my vote. Once inside though, getting to the eatery, entertainment, kid-friendly level is not so easy if you have a pram. You can either pick up the pram and baby and carry it up the stairs, or wait for staff to unlock the lift for you. Me….I pick up the pram and bub and get up the stairs myself. It’s quicker. This visit we were pram-free and bounded up the stairs, which becomes a whole lot of fun when you have a toddler. It really does! The simplest things really do become almost new and definitely fun when seen through the eyes of a little one.
There isn’t a Parent Room here. Instead there’s an area inside the disabled bathroom for changing bubs. I checked the other female bathrooms on this main floor, and there weren’t any change tables in there. The disabled loo is definitely it. It’s clean and fairly roomy, but you won’t be wanting to do much more in there than just change bottoms.
On the bistro/restaurant/entertainment floor, to the left by the elevator entrance is the disabled toilet. It’s not too hard a door to use which is always good. The room is big enough to take a pram in and all the bits and pieces you usually have with you. The first section of the toilet is for baby changes. A regular fold out wall mounted change table is provided. The bin is in the corner next to an odd red flip down chair. I’m not sure if this is for mums for feeding, or for disabled persons. A bit puzzling to me anyway. I’d think I’d rather feed bubs out in the main area anyway. There are comfy seats, but make sure you keep yourself covered. It’s a club afterall, and while they may let formal thongs in the door….I’m not sure if the club would be that permissive of exposed breasts. Who knows….I could be wrong.
Anyway, the sink, soap, hand dryer and paper towel are further back in the room, where the loo is. So really, the club has all you need for the basics. There’s even an outdoor covered play area for kids, and on checking out the website there’s also a Kids Club every Tuesday. Haven’t been to that yet, but I’m thinking we’ll give it a red hot go once school holidays are over. I avoid all kiddy fun places during school holidays – they just get so crowded!! And I know that when term is back, it’s going to be nice and calm again.
Okay now back to FIL!! Have a guess where we found him. Cmon, guess!! Yep, at a table upstairs watching sports and Keno. He’s awesome. Bubs had loads of fun on the play equipment. It’s wonderful! The wall and door to the area is glass so you can keep an eye on the little pixies. But you can’t hear them yelling – which could be a good or bad thing, depending on your mood.
Oh….and the third State of Origin game was AWESOME!!! For me anyway ‘cos I am a Queenslander. Woohoo!!!! FIL supports NSW but he had a good time anyway – how could you not when you have such great seats…..and free ones at that!!