NSW Winmalee

Winmalee Shopping Village – White Cross Rd, Winmalee NSW 2777

Reviewed by B

Overall: Not bad for a small shopping village in the mountains. Nappy change, feed, rest. Quite cool, so have blankets with you.

Good Points: Stand alone Parent Room. Easy to find. Two feeding cubicles. Separate toilet room with big and little loo (and the sanitary bin is between the big loo and the wall – yay!!! away from little hands!!). Single change bay with sink and soap.

Bad Points: Very cool room. No additional powerpoints for mums needing to express. No microwave or bottle warmer. No paper towel. Feeding cubicles are tiny and don’t even have a curtain for privacy.

Easy to find Parent Room – follow the signs

So Winmalee Shopping Village hey. For a little place on the way up the Blue Mountains, it was pretty well equipped. I didn’t expect the Shopping Village to be as big as it is, considering Springwood is just down the road. And was happy to find it has a stand alone Parent Room! I really only thought there would be a combined disabled bathroom and baby change table, so to find a separate room altogether is just fantastic.

The Parent Room is easy to find. Go inside the shopping village and head towards Coles. As you face Coles, to your right is a butcher and also the hallway leading to the toilets and Centre Management. Head down this hallway and to your right is the well sign posted Parent Room.

Well sign posted Parent Room

The door isn’t the easy to get into, being one of the usual pressure swing doors. Just use your body or the pram to keep it open as you shuffle inside. Once inside though, the main space is quite big! It’s a chilly room so can only imagine how much more freezing it would be in winter. My tip – have blankets/wraps for bubs at all times if you’re going to visit here.

It’s not well decorated, apart from some floor to ceiling forest wallpaper. This does make it a little more inviting, but I wouldn’t stay in here for longer than necessary (just because it’s so cold and there’s no real privacy).

Single change bay

For nappy changes, there’s one change bay set in the long bench that runs the length of the wall. At the end of the bench is the sink and soap, and nappy bins and hand dryer. No paper towel though. It’s a clean space and the bench is not too high – a big plus for short people like me 🙂

Sink, nappy bins, soap and hand dryer

There’s two feeding cubicles, and I’d like to say they are ‘private’ but without so much as a curtain covering the doorways I don’t think they’re private at all. Each cubicle is quite small, but they both have a comfortable chair and side table so you can keep the nappy bag off the ground. There’s very little room for anything else other than you, your pram and your baby. So if you like a bit of privacy while feeding, make sure you bring wraps or a blanket with you so you and bubs can stay covered.

The two feeding cubicles – byo privacy covering

Comfortable chair and side table

Now what is especially good about this room is the toilets. The door is lockable from the inside, and there’s a big loo and little loo. The best part….the sanitary bin is AWAY from the little loo – yay!!!! It’s placed between the big loo and the wall, so little hands cannot get to it. Very very happy!
There’s just the one sink in the bathroom, but it’s not too high. Little ones may need help to reach it.

Doorway to the toilets

Big loo and little loo

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this Parent Room. It’s better than I thought. Good to know there are places along the way up the mountains that you can take your little one to for a nappy change that does not involve Maccas. Yep, the room could definitely do with a couple of extras like curtains on the feeding cubicles, and paper towel by the sinks. Overall though, it’s not a bad little room. Clean, with the essentials. Just remember to rug up!