Berowra NSW

Berowra Village Shopping Centre – 1c Turner Rd, Berowra Heights NSW 2082

Overall: Basic yet clean and good. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Easy to find. The centre is all on one level. Wide hallway to fit double prams. Door locks from the inside. Big size disabled toilet including baby change table. Clean and loads of space. Nappy bins, sink and soap.

Bad Points: Couldn’t see any Parents With Prams parking. Standard size door which may be tough for double prams. Shared room with disabled toilet. Hand dryer is too close to the change table.

There isn’t a stand alone Parent Room at Berowra Village, which is a shame. What you will find instead is a very spacious combined disabled toilet/baby change area. While it would be ideal to have completely separate facilities for both, this is probably one of the best combined rooms I’ve seen.

Getting around the Shopping Centre is nice and easy, with everything on the one level. I love pram-friendly places. It makes going out so much more enjoyable, for everyone. 
The toilets are down the far end of the centre, just before Coles. A sign pointing to the toilets is hanging from the ceiling, at the entrance to a long hallway. At the end of the hall, turn left, and on the right side is the door to the disabled toilet/baby change room. 
While the doorway is pretty standard in size, so may be tough going for a double pram, inside the room is very spacious. If you can get the pram through the doorway, you’ll love all the space inside. 

The wall mounted baby change table is against the far wall, a bit too close to the automatic hand-dryer. It’s clean and everything is intact. A big plus! Although you’d want to make sure you stand by the side of the table, rather than at the end of it, otherwise the hand-dryer might set off and scare your baby.

There’s a couple of nappy bins on the adjacent wall, within easy reach of the change table. The sink and soap are both at a low level, so little ones should be able to reach the sink to wash hands without too much hassle. The toilet has assistance rails, which is very handy for little ones learning to use the loo on their own. 

This room is good for  quick nappy change, but only if it’s not occupied already. The centre could really do with a separate Parent Room. The local mums and dads would probably like it too.