Blaxland NSW

McDonalds – Great Western Hwy, Blaxland NSW 2774

Overall: Basic. Fast nappy change only. 

Good Points: Wall mounted fold out change table; clean and in good condition. Nappy bins. Soap, sink and hand dryer. Assistance rails around the toilet. Nappy wipes in the change table storage unit (big plus!). Door locks from the inside.

Bad Points: Narrow hallway and doorways. Pressure swing door. Extra nappy bins tucked behind the door.

Even when grabbing a quick coffee during a trip into Sydney, I keep my eyes open for Parent Rooms and how child friendly a place is. McDonalds Blaxland is always busy, being the only Maccas on the Great Western Hwy/Motorway between Eastern Creek and Lithgow. 

As expected from a fast food restaurant, the baby change facilities are for quick visits only. Head to the back of the restaurant, following the toilet signs. The hallway and doorways are quite narrow so I wouldn’t recommend taking the pram into the toilet with you. It’ll be more hassle than it’s worth. Save your sanity, just take bub and the nappy bag.

The baby change table is in the disabled toilet, just to the right as you enter the main door to the toilets. It’s the usual pain in the backside pressure swing door, which is another reason to not take the pram. The good thing though is the door does lock from the inside. Changing nappies and keeping your little one calm during the process is something best done free from interruptions. 

There’s four nappy bins in here. Two just inside the toilet door, and the other two right next to the wall mounted fold out change table. I don’t know if this is a regular event, but for the first time ever there were nappy wipes in the nappy wipe storage section at the back of the table. Yay!!! First time for everything. It definitely is the little things that make parents smile.

On the right side of the change table is the sink, hand dryer and soap. My little one goes completely beserk at the sound of the hand-dryer, so just be aware of the close proximity of the unit when you’re changing bub if your little one has the same reaction. These machines are breeding grounds for cooties anyway, so it would be better healthwise and to keep baby calm if there was a paper towel dispenser instead of a hand dryer.

So that’s it really. There’s a fold out wall mounted baby change table in the disabled toilet. Don’t take the pram because it’s only going to frustrate you when you try and get it into the toilet. Just take bub and the nappy bag. It’s not a quiet place at all, but it has what you need for those quick changes. Sadly this Maccas doesn’t have a playground. Bit of a bummer when kids need to stretch their legs and burn off some pent up energy from being cooped up in the car for hours on end. Maybe get takeaway and find a park further on down the highway instead.