Hornsby NSW

Westfield Hornsby, 236 Pacific Hwy, Hornsby Sydney

Reviewed by B
Overall: Excellent! Loads of parent rooms, well laid out (photos to come soon). And the best Parents with Prams  parking spaces I’ve seen to date.
Good Points: Great parking. Wide walkways. Parent Rooms scattered throughout the shopping centre, varying in size, and well equipped. Excellent indoor playground near Target. Travelators from Ground Level to Top Floor at both ends of the complex.
Bad Points: Not many I can think of! My lovely source of extra info (thanks MB!) has let me know the travelators are a bit slow, but other than that….it’s a great place to do your shopping with little ones in tow.

This place is huge!! It’s a shopping paradise, which means I want loads of time to wander around and look at all the pretty things which catch my eye (and of course, my little girl’s). Bubs & I headed to Hornsby, gosh, probably a month ago now to catch up the beautiful M & her handsome son H. With the plan being to meet up at the new play area near Target, we packed ourselves in to the car and headed on out. Woohoo!!

Now I’ve only taken photos of one of the awesome car parks on this trip, but take my word for it….it’s worth the drive. We pulled into the Albert Street car park (all undercover) and had the pleasure of seeing those awesome call-centre style flashboards hanging from the ceiling, letting me know what level the pram parking spaces were on and how many were available. Yahoo!!!! I know, it’s the little things, but us parents really do become quite easily pleased as our little ones grow.Not having to do the car park crawl-n-stalk is awesome. We just followed the signs pointing us up to the Orange parking level…….and were rewarded with loads and loads and loads of parking spaces, just for those of us with little ones and prams in tow. It just makes life so much easier!!!

Of course, there is always the occasional knob who parks in these spaces and doesn’t have a pram, child or babyseat anywhere near them……so until we are given the ok to stuff dirty nappies in the exhaust of the offending cars, death stares will have to do.

 Now I’ll wrap up this very short blog right now until I have more photos for you. But if you are in the area, or want to a change of scenery, head to Hornsby! The indoor playground near Target is BIG and has great seating for parents too. There are numerous well equipped Parent Rooms throughout the centre (on both sides) and the parking…….wow!!!!!! Love it love it love it.