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Strap them in at Stockland Merrylands

This is such a great invention!! Sometimes you go out with your baby either just in your arms, or strapped into a baby carrier. If you need the bathroom, rather than your baby, when you’re out, it can be very tough holding on to bub with one hand while you wrangle the zip on your jeans with the other. Well there is now a solution!! While it’s not available in all shopping centre bathrooms, we can only hope there will be more soon.

Check this out!! A strap-in baby seat in the ladies bathroom, at Stockland Merrylands! It’s in one of the cubicles, and is simply one of the best inventions we’ve seen. Just pop bub in the seat, do up the straps, do what you need to do, take bub out of the seat and off you go. What a fabulous idea, and snaps to Stockland Merrylands for making this available.


Have you seen one of these? Let us know where.

Working With The Breastfeeding Friendly Shoalhaven Project

Shoalhaven Council really is working hard to make the area breastfeeding friendly. Since we’ve been in touch with the Council, they’ve been very good at providing information requested, answering questions, asking for suggestions, and following up on additional queries. All this to make life for families, and breastfeeding mums, easier in the Shoalhaven area – particularly Nowra.

Right now, one of the Community Development Officers assigned to the Breastfeeding Friendly Shoalhaven Project is following up with businesses/venues in Nowra listed as breastfeeding friendly, to find out if they have private feeding areas. They’ll be getting back to us with more details, to share with all of you.

Keep watching for more updates. This is really exciting!

Steps to make Nowra more breastfeeding friendly

Over the Christmas break, we contacted Shoalhaven City Council, asking them about the lack of adequate parent room/baby care facilities in Nowra.

A few years ago there was a Women’s Rest Centre which was fabulous for parents of babies. You could stop in there for a break, feed your baby in private, and change nappies. Sadly it had to be closed, mainly ‘due to concerns of escalating anti social behaviour in the area and staff/user safety. There are currently no plans toreopen the facility. In fact, the building is not available as it houses a local business.’

The council has been working on creating a more breastfeeding friendly environment throughout the business community. A wallet size resource card is available through the council, providing details of the venues and locations of businesses which are breastfeeding-friendly, and the location of baby change facilities throughout the Shoalhaven area.

This is a step in the right direction for families living in, and visiting Nowra and the Shoalhaven area. While there is still a pressing need for clean, safe, easily accessible private feeding areas, the work the council has done to date is both encouraging and promising.

Click on the following link for more details: Breastfeeding venues