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Rouse Hill Town Square – Windsor Rd, Rouse Hill, Sydney

I think this place is called Town Square – maybe it’s Town Centre??
Either way, it’s probably the newest shopping centre in the greater Sydney area. Fantastic layout, gives it a relaxed almost country feel to your shopping expedition. You could almost say it adds a ‘cosmopolitan’ flavour to the west.

Good points:

  • Super easy entry
  • Clean
  • Comfortable chairs for breastfeeding mothers
  • Great play area for little ones
Improvement Suggestions
  • Cubicle walls all the way to the floor – if you drop something and it rolls underneath the divider, you can’t just reach down and pick it up. Could be a hassle.
  • Complimentary wipes and disposable change mats
  • Microwave or bottle warmer – a definite must-have. Restaurants and cafes won’t warm up bottles or food anymore, so we really need these things in a parent room.

I only managed to grab a couple of photos on this particular day. For a mid term weekday, there were a surprising number of kids out and about with their parents/carers. The parent room we were in, there was only a few minutes where we were on our own and then there was a sudden influx of people with kids. For the amount of traffic in the place, it’s pretty clean – a very good sign.

The room has one of those excellent big flat panel buttons to press which opens the frosted glass sliding door to let you in. Great entry way, big enough for the big funky strollers (not sure about double side-by-sides though). Lockable toilet room with side by side big person and little person toilet. And the cutest thing…..matching sinks! So little people can wash their hands without any hassles.

The change area is fairly standard. Bright coloured benches with nappy change grooves. Lack of complimentary wipes and disposable change mats – having these would really be a plus!! Something to think about, Town Square!!

Good size curtained cubicles for feeding. Each contains a low set comfortable armchair. Big enough for one parent and a stroller plus baby. It could get a little ‘cosy’ if you had more than one child in there with you, or another adult….but then that’s probably why the play area is so spectacular.

Now that I’ve mentioned it: the play area. Wow!!! I wish I had an area like this at home!
It’s a great size, brightly coloured with a thick perspex gate to keep little people in/out. The main wall has numerous etch-a-sketch’s mounted, set at different heights so little people of all sizes can reach one. What a great idea!!
There is also a massive flat screen tv built into the opposite wall, which seems to be streaming Nick Jnr – love that. No need to worry about kids falling through the tele – it is well protected by a few layers of strong plastic and the tv is set well back into the wall.
For little ones with some energy to burn, brightly coloured vinyl covered foam blocks (which double as seats) are great fun. Little ones can climb, build, throw or sit on them……and risk of injury is minimal. 

Rouse Hill Town Square is a pleasure to visit. Stay tuned for more info!

Top Ryde Shopping Center – Cnr Devlin St & Blaxland Rd, Ryde, Sydney

****UPDATE**** – The big indoor playground has been removed! NOT HAPPY!!!

Being a brand new facility, one would expect top notch parent room facilities.
They are adequate – not brilliant, but functional and clean.

The play area for area for bub’s is quite fun with a couple of those wall mount activity sets and a couple of cushie chairs to sit on. Casey sat on the one closest to the activity set and play with it while sitting down… a girl after my own heart!

The change tables are surprisingly high… I guess for some strange ergonomic reason, however any mother shorter than around 170cm is going have some difficulties.

The private rooms are nice, but again, not really functional. With the chairs, they have opted for a funky motive rather than functional, as a result feeding mothers will have some juggling difficulties.

Microwave and sink – Check!


Big Person, little person toilets – check


choice cut entertainment – check!

Massive play area in the general shopping center – check!
It was interesting as I watched a small boy climb his way up the OUTSIDE of the twister slide! – one of those – “where is the parent?” moments… I had to walk away, but on a second pass by the area – he appeared to be still alive and smiling, so I guess he was OK!


Campsie Centre – 14-28 Amy Street, Campsie, Sydney (Shocker! (by Kieran))

This room was just plain uninviting. It was dirty and old.
I am glad that I did not have my little Casey with me this day.
I’d suggest only using this room in a dire emergency.

  • It has a space where the Microwave used to be.  Apparently a local needed it more than the parents who use this room  – but we do thank Big W for donating the one that used to be there!
  • It has change bays
  • Sink
  • Big/Small Toilets.

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