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Vinegar Hill Memorial Library – 29 Main Street, Rouse Hill Town Centre NSW

Overall: Easy to find. Clean and simple. Nappy change and rest within disabled bathroom.

Good Points: Well sign posted. Lift access. Space enough for a big pram. Bench to rest and feed, or store nappy bags. Wall mounted fold out change table. Clean table with safety straps intact. Nappy disposal bin. Locking door. Flick handle tap at sink. Soap and paper towel. Pram friendly.

Bad Points: Combined with disabled bathroom (not ideal for feeding). No sign on the front of the door indicating change table inside.

Who doesn’t love something to do with the kids that doesn’t involve an outlay of cash? Here’s another good library to check out with good baby change facilities.                Vinegar Hill Memorial Library at Rouse Hill Town Centre is another great library courtesy of Hills Shire Council. The baby care facilities at these libraries have been miles better than any we’ve found elsewhere throughout this great city to date. Although we’ve only just scratched the surface of our library searches.

To get to the library, you need to take the stairs or the lift. If you’re coming with a pram, definitely take the lift! It’s wide enough for double prams. If you’re really keen, and are pram-free, go for the stairs (there’s a few of them to climb up!).

The doors to the library are double auto sliding doors, which are very pram friendly. The kids book section in here is delightful. Big comfy seats in a far corner of the library, with loads of books covering all age groups, make it a lovely place to spend loads of time just relaxing and reading with the little ones. We love the library!!

From a baby care perspective, it’s a great place to visit. While there isn’t a bathroom inside the actual library, it is easily accessed just outside the doors and across the floor.

Just opposite the library doors there’s a sign hanging from the ceiling pointing to the toilets, including an image indicating a baby change area. Yay!!!! That always gets a thumbs up from us. Although we’ve learnt that even if the signs don’t say baby change, we check the bathrooms anyway (‘cos usually there’s a change table hidden somewhere), it saves a bit of stress when the signs tell you there’s one available. No detective work needed…..well, not much anyway.

Follow the sign, and you’ll get to the toilets. Now here’s where a little bit of detective work was needed (only a tiny bit). There are male and female toilets, and a disabled bathroom. None of these bathrooms have a sign on the front saying they’ve got a baby change table inside. From experience we’ve learnt to check out the disabled bathrooms first. Surprise!! The baby change table is inside the disabled bathroom.

The door to the bathroom is quite wide, making it good for larger prams (but not so sure about double prams – sorry everyone). It locks from the inside, giving you complete privacy (a big plus when you’re looking after your little ones feeding and changing needs). There is a bench next to the toilet, which could be used for feeding or storing bags. Being right next to the toilet isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing if complete privacy is what you’re after.

The wall mounted fold out change table is clean and in great condition, with safety straps intact. The nappy disposal bin is just at the end of the table (very convenient).

The sink is low set, making it a cinch for little ones to use. The tap has a flick handle, and the soap and paper towel are easy to get to.

Basically, the facilities for looking after your bub are pretty simple, but they are clean and in really good condition. You don’t feel rushed here. That’s something we really like. It’s quiet, clean and peaceful. Take your time. A calm parent/carer helps make for a calm baby 🙂


*UPDATE* FEEDBACK FROM RED ROOSTER: Red Rooster Rouse Hill – Resolution Place, Rouse Hill NSW 2155


Hi mums and dads,

We got in contact with Red Rooster about this store, and have received a reply from the Franchise Business Manager.

There haven’t been any change tables added to the stores since before 2004. At one point they were installed into about 20 stores around the country, but the tables were rarely used. Due to hygiene and lack of use, adding tables to more stores was dropped the plans.

While this is unfortunate, it does help to know why the store doesn’t have a change table. The Franchise Business Manager is going to chat to the Franchisee about creating some options for kids (eg a kids corner, or something along those lines).

We really do appreciate the time Red Rooster has taken to investigate this issue, and get in touch with us here at If no-one knows there’s a problem, then nothing can change. So we do value and thank the Red Rooster team for following this up. If only all businesses were as prompt and helpful!


Overall: Terrible. No change tables.

Good Points: One high chair. Fairly clean store.

Bad Points: No change tables. No play area. No kid size toilets.

Being the in the middle of 2 other major fast food restaurants, I thought Red Rooster would be at least equal in terms of how well it caters for young families. Especially in this area of Sydney, where there are loads of young families. While I don’t really mind it not having a play area (it makes it easier to get kids out of the store if there isn’t a playground), the lack of baby change facilities is very poor.

The store is clean enough, but hasn’t got a single baby change table in the place. I checked both the combo male/female/disabled toilet, and the combo male/female toilet, and neither of them have a baby change table in it. Not even the usual wall-mounted fold out change table! And there is a massive blank wall in the disabled toilet where one could easily be mounted.

All the store offers for little ones, apart from the usual kids menu (what store doesn’t have that), is a single red plastic high chair. Big deal. It’s no wonder this store seems so quiet in comparison to the fast food restaurants on either side of it. There’s no incentive for families to go here! If there’s nothing to cater for the needs of my little family (excluding menu options) then why would I go there. Perhaps the manager of the store is happy for parents to change their little ones on the tables in the main area of the store? Maybe a couple of parents need to do that in order for the store to add a change table.

So if you’re not sure where to eat one day, and need a place to change your little one while you’re there…….go to Hungry Jacks or Macca’s instead. Red Rooster doesn’t have what you and your family need.

Rouse Hill Village Centre – Cnr Windsor Rd & Aberdour Ave (via Adelphi St), Rouse Hill NSW

Overall: Basic. Nappy change only. Combined with disabled toilet (no signs for nappy change on the door)

Good Points: Quiet. Easy to find. Wall mounted fold out baby change table. Straps attached to change table. The door locks from the inside. No steps. Sink, soap and hand dryer. Hand dryer is away from the change table. Single disabled toilet with assistance rails.

Bad Points: No signs telling you where to find the baby change facilities (it’s in the disabled toilet). No separate nappy disposal bin. Hand dryer instead of paper towel.


We’ve headed North-West again to see what other baby change facilities and parent rooms are on offer for young families. This time we landed at Rouse Hill Village Centre. It was in Rouse Hill well before Town Centre was created. It really is just a little shopping village now, with easy parking, and a handful of shops and cafes. I wasn’t really expecting anything spectacular in the baby care department, and I wasn’t surprised by what I found.

Just past the chemist and on the left, as you come in from the main car park, is a corridor to the left. It has little signs directing you to the toilets – male, female and disabled. No reference to baby change facilities.

Experience has taught me to firstly check the disabled toilet. Of course, that’s where I found the baby change table.

The bathroom is fairly clean, except for a broken and overflowing combo sanitary/nappy/general rubbish bin. The door locks from the inside, which is great! The wall mounted fold out change table is against the back wall. It’s a pretty clean table, and the safety straps are intact.

Underneath the table is the bin. It’s a sanitary bin, which also seems to be used for general rubbish and nappy disposal. This was a less than pleasant discovery.

The toilet has assistance rails, which are very helpful for little ones learning to use the toilet. The sink and soap are at an okay height. The hand dryer is well away from the change table – a big plus! But it would be more hygienic to have paper towel available.