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If you want it, be prepared to ask for it.

Well, it seems that if you expect a store or shopping centre to have a parent room, you’d better ask for it!
Woolworths Customer Service contacted us this afternoon, after we let them know about the missing change table in the disabled bathroom in the Andergrove (QLD) store.
The lovely lady I spoke to had been in touch with the 2IC at WW Andergrove, and apparently they have no immediate plans to install a baby change table in the bathroom.
The 2IC was asked about the nappy bins, since there’s no table, and the reply was the same. Something may happen in the future, but there are no plans.
Basically, the store told the customer service team that they haven’t received any requests for a change table in the bathroom. Therefore, no change table.
Sounds like it’s time for locals to ask their store to put in a change table!

Lesson learnt – if you want/expect something, ask for it. It’s a pain when it really seems like a normal, every day thing to have available (like a sink or lock on a door), and you have to make a special request to get it. Please let us know if/when a change table is installed!

Woolworths Andergrove – 23 Oak Street, Andergrove QLD 4740

Hmmmm, can you see what’s missing?

There’s a toilet, sink, soap, hand dryer, and loads of nappy bins – but no change table!

We might ask Woolies if there’s a plan to add a change table to this bathroom. After all, there’s a bunch of nappy bins in here and you don’t really want to change your baby on the toilet floor (yuk!!!!!).

Nappy bins.jpg
Nappy bins.jpg

Gold Coast Holiday – from Zoe and her family

Zoe and her family went on a family holiday to the Gold Coast at the start of the year.

Here is their feedback on the parent rooms they found while on holiday.

Guess what? The missing parent room at Seaworld has been found!!!


Pacific Fair: Fabulous parent rooms! Four change tables, plus couch so you can have a rest. And there are 5, yes 5, private feeding rooms!!! How great is that?!! The parent room also has a microwave, television, and a glass-walled play area for the kids complete with couches and stepping stones. Well done, Pacific Fair!


Seaworld – the third parent room discovered!!

The two parent rooms indicated on the park map, one is near the park entrance and the other at Shark Bay. The mysterious third parent room that’s not on the map, it’s located opposite the Dora Stage on the side of the building. It’s marked as a mum and bub room though, instead of a parent room.


Surfers Paradise Central Centro Shopping Centre: Shocking!! No microwave, one fold out change table, one adult toilet, and no security.


HarbourTown Outlet Shopping Mall: Four parent rooms! Used two of them on this trip. Both are well set up, with microwaves, three change tables in each, two private feeding rooms, television and couches.