Main Beach QLD

Palazzo Versace – 94 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach, Gold Coast QLD

Overall: Basic, purely functional and not at all 6 Star!!!!
Good points: Immaculate presentation and incredibly clean; well lit.
Bad Points: Very basic – only the essentials available. Where are the Versace baby wipes, towels, nappies etc etc?? You’d think for such a salubrious establishment, the facilities for babies would be of a much higher standard.

Get your tan on, people!! It’s time to muscle up for the annual ANB Asia Pacifics on the beautiful Gold Coast.
We had the pleasure of being sponsors of the ANB Asia Pacifics 2009, which meant we had a lovely trip to Southport on the Gold Coast for a long weekend.
During a break in proceedings, we set off for Palazzo Versace and Marina Mirage for a bit of lunch and a sticky beak . With baby girl in arms (just under 1yo at the time) we went in search of the Parent Rooms at Versace. Oh my goodness, were we disappointed!!!!!

Palazzo Versace has the most gorgeous lobby I have ever seen. I’d stayed at the hotel in 2008 for work and quite liked it! I thought for a 6star hotel it needed a bit of improvement (nasty big stains on the massive million dollar Medusa rug in the Grand Ballroom). Anyway, on this visit we weren’t doing much more than just wandering about.
So in through the lobby and we went left up a hallway which leads you too the ballroom. On the left wall of this corridor are the bathrooms.  You’re not going to be overly impressed when you see the facilities for your baby. I wouldn’t call it a Parent Room at all. It’s the Disabled Toilet, with the addition of a baby change table and nappy bin. On the plus side, the place was immaculately presented and incredibly clean. But you’re not going to be able to feed your baby, or have a rest in here. This facility is just for getting in, changing bub’s nappy, and getting out again.

There’s only a regular size loo in the room, so your little one may need help getting on and off if they are at the stage of using the toilet. And they’ll probably need a hand reaching the sink too as it’s at regular adult height.
You know, there’s not really any more to say about it. Pretty sad considering the hotel and the fabulous reputation it is meant to have.
At least you’ll know where to go and change your bub’s nappy now the next time you visit Palazzo Versace. I’d recommend heading next door to Marina Mirage and checking out the facilities there instead. Or even better, shell out some $$ and go to Seaworld up the road.

The bodybuilding championships were alot of fun though. Great event!!