Broadbeach QLD

Oasis Centre – Broadbeach Mall, Victoria Ave Broadbeach QLD (Roomy but basic)

Wow!! This was a while ago, looking back at the photos. January 2009 we had a lovely little family holiday to Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, QLD. We stayed at the Sofitel Broadbeach, which is a nice enough place to stay – just watch out for the sharks who run the Accor Advantage holiday programs. Savage and nasty people. I would highly recommend NOT going along to any of their sessions. We did go. We listened to the offer. We agreed it was a good idea. We said we did not want to shell out thousands of dollars to participate in it. We were told to our faces that we were liars. Charming!
Which reminds me, I still have to send in a massive complaint about that – jerks.

Anyway, apart from that the Oasis Centre on Broadbeach Mall has loads of shops to cater for all your needs while on holiday. From Woolworths for your groceries, through to surf shops so you can buy a new bikini (i forgot to bring mine so had to buy a new one – what a shame ;)).

We tracked down the Parent Room in the shopping centre. Sadly it was not that easy to find. It was not on the ground level, which would have been a good idea. To get to the upper levels, you could either risk life and limb on the escalators with the pram and baby in tow…..or wander around and eventually find the lift to get you to the floor where the Parent Rooms are.

When you do find it, you’ll be content enough. If for no other reason than it took a while to get there and you are happy for moment to sit in peace pretty much anyplace.

It has:

  • fold out change table
  • bottle warmer
  • nappy disposal bin
  • chairs
  • sink
  • low set tables
  • loads of room (great for prams with a big turning circle)
The entry door is the usual self-closing kind which is not easy to use when you are maneuvering a pram. Would be better if the doors were the same as most disabled toilets, where you turn the handle push the door open with a flick of the wrist and it stays that way until you flick it closed. Much easier! Maybe we can get some kind of campaign running to make it happen. 
In the meantime, here are the pictures we took of this facility (me and my little one feature in this pictures – we’ve both changed a bit in a year!).