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Satellite Cafe, Newtown, tells mum that breastfeeding is an ‘offence to humanity’

Haven’t business owners learnt anything from recent events?

Yet another mother has been confronted by the owner of a cafe in Newtown, telling her breastfeeding is an ‘offence to humanity’. What a nasty thing to say!

I can’t imagine there will be too many mothers frequenting Satellite cafe anymore. Vote with your feet, people.

What do you do when there isn’t a decent parent room in your area?

Last month, we received a review on the parent room/baby change facilities in Nowra. There was once a rest centre, in the middle of town, where parents with babies could stop in for a break, to feed and change the little ones. This centre was closed down, without the provision of a suitable alternative. When babies need to be fed, parents really can only choose from a cafe or park bench, instead of a nice and welcoming council-provided centre.

So what options are available right now in Nowra? Well, there is the disabled bathroom with change table in the mall (not at all suitable, especially for feeding). There’s a baby change setup at the library, but this doesn’t help when you are in the middle of town. The cubicles in the parent room are too small to fit a pram, so you really don’t have any privacy for feeding. So what are parents meant to do? Feed their babies out in the open, in a cafe or on a park bench? Some people may be perfectly comfortable with this, but many are not.

This afternoon, we’ve contacted Shoalhaven Council requesting feedback on the information we’ve received regarding the lack of adequate parent room/baby change facilities. Particularly if there are any plans in the pipeline for the rest centre to be reopened. In the meantime, we’ll just wait and see.

Repairs needed at Castle Hill Heritage Park

Christmas is almost here, which means school holidays are pretty much in full swing. This also means loads more families, with kids of all ages, spending time at the park. To help mums and dads, and anyone out with the kids, we’re asking for repairs/replacements to be made on damaged baby change equipment.

Juliet recently submitted a review on the facilities at Castle Hill Heritage Park. It looks like a great place to take the kids, but the downside is the baby change table. It has been vandalised and is not fit for use. At the moment, if you’re at this park with your baby, you’ll have to change them on a mat on the ground or in the car. This is not ideal. Hopefully we’ll receive a positive response that action has or is being taken on repairing/replacing the change table.

Keep an eye out here for any updates we receive from the council. Stay tuned!