Coles Sydney Street Markets Parent Room – Sydney & Gordon Streets, Mackay QLD 4740

The parent rooms in Mackay really do need some work! This is probably the best of the three reviewed to date. It’s small but it has a locking main door, change bay and toilet. Check it out and let us know what you think. Go to Mackay Needs Better Parent Rooms for more information.

Just the one toilet in here. However, the main door to the whole Parent Room locks from the inside. This means you don’t have to try and squish the pram or trolley in the toilet room with you. 

The change bench has one nappy change bay. A couple more change bays would be nice. Nappy bins are under the bench. Sadly there’s no microwave or bottle warmer in here. And as the food outlets in the centre won’t heat up any baby bottles or food, parents are at a loss.

Lovely sink for handwashing, and the usual unhygienic hand dryer. Getting rid of the hand dryer, and installing a paper towel dispenser would be much friendlier. Adding a chair to allow mums to rest and feed their babies would be a nice and necessary touch. Having to sit on top of the toilet to breastfeed is not acceptable.

Narrow doorway is not twin/double pram friendly. Even for a regular pram, the turning circle is quite snug. This room is not big enough for more than one pram or family at a time.

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  1. We went to this “parents room” yesterday and were pleasantly surprised. We had been to lunch at Toscanis and found that the toilets inside the centre didn’t have a change table (even in the disabled toilets) so started heading towards the car when we saw the sign in the car park that there was a parents room on the outside of the complex. Although small and with no where to feed a baby. It was clean and well thought out. With a lock on both the main door and the toilet door. So you can go to the bathroom with the pram in the main room.

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