Eastwood Arcade – Ground Floor, Rowe Street Mall, Eastwood Sydney

Reviewed by K & B
Overall: Not good. Nappy change, feed (if you really don’t want to do it anywhere else).
Good Points: Change table is clean. It’s on the ground floor of the arcade. It’s quiet.
Bad Points: It’s a converted old shower room. Tiny corridor. Tiny room. Basic basic basic. No toilet.

Wow. My lovely hubby took the photos of this room a couple of months ago. I wanted to know for myself if it really was an old shower room. And it is. Wow. And you know what the bad part is…..these photos actually make it look better than it really is.

Eastwood Arcade, honestly, isn’t the most glamorous shopping destination by any means. It’s old, gloomy and is populated by little eateries, discount shops and the like. My hopes for the Parent Room weren’t sky high, but I didn’t expect them to be crashed down to the ground like this. Really, I think this is probably the worst place I have found. But if you’re really desperate and your pram isn’t big enough to lay bubs down to change nappies, or you don’t want to sit in the car to feed your little one….then give this a go. You probably won’t stay too long.

From the front of the arcade, enter from the left side and walk towards the massive discount store at the end. Just before you hit that, to your left is a cute bargain kidswear shop and right next to that is the corridor to the toilets and Parent Room (although here it’s called Baby Care Room). When you get towards the end of the corridor, you’ll see a narrow short corridor to your right. If you can fit your pram through this narrow walkway, then head on into the Parent Room. Another one of those pressurised swing doors will greet you, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving your pram outside here. Just barge the door open and go in.

To your immediate left you’ll see the old shower area. A steel curved shower rod attached to the wall hangs from the ceiling, and hanging from that is a shower curtain. When pulled across, this little old shower space becomes your private feeding area. Two old office chairs are provided for you to sit on.
I wouldn’t recommend putting your nappy bag or anything other than the bottom of your shoes on the floor. Put any bags etc on the bench where the sink is, or tuck them into your pram. The floor doesn’t look clean at all.
For nappy changes, there is a wall-mounted fold out change table. Kind of high too. A couple of bins are to the right of the door as you walk in, so chuck any nappies or other rubbish in here.The sink is clean, and there is a soap dispenser. And the paper towel dispenser is full, so that’s a plus. But that’s about it. Cold, tiny, and just not a nice room to be in. If you can, I’d recommend changing nappies in the pram or in the car, and do any feeds somewhere else too. I’ll have to see if the pub across the train tracks is any better. Couldn’t imagine it would be worse.