Erina NSW

Erina Fair – Terrigal Drive, Erina NSW 2250

Overall: Easy to shop with children. Child size toilets, play centres, baby change areas.

Good Points: Child size toilets throughout the centre. Clean and well set up parent rooms. Play areas in the centre, plus cinema and library.

Bad Points: None really, apart from it being so well setup you end up spending the day here (and the contents of your purse :))

*submitted by Kylie*

Just wanted to say how easy it is to shop at Erina Fair with my 2 yo son who is starting toilet training. There are a few child size toilets in various sections so you don’t have to run from one end of the large shopping centre to the other end to locate one with a busting toddler. The change rooms are always clean and well set up too. At Erina Fair too they have a few different play areas in the centre, the cinemas and the library is there too making it a perfect family environment. I often end up spending the day there as there is so much to do which is great but not so good for my purse though…lol!