Kings Langley NSW

Kings Langley Shopping Village (Coles Section) – James Cook Drive, Kings Langley NSW

Overall: Poor. Just a change table in the Female Toilets. Nappy change only.

Good Points: The shopping centre is all on ground level so there’s no steps to navigate. The change table is clean and in good condition, and so are the Female Toilets. 

Bad Points: This isn’t a Parent Room. It’s just a single wall-mounted fold out change table in a corner of the Female Toilets. No chair for feeding. No nappy bin within reach. Small area makes it difficult to navigate with a pram.

Kings Langley Shopping Village has been around for ages. But with the addition of the Woolworths complex, I’d expected at least a stand alone Parent Room in the old Coles section. Wouldn’t you expect the existing centre to undergo a bit of an upgrade to keep shoppers from going to the competition? Seems like some parts were renovated, but important things like a Parent Room were forgotten.

For this trip to Kings Langley, we just checked out the older Coles section of the Shopping Village (Woolies can wait for another day). Parking is all outdoor, without any covering. The best part is all the stores are on ground level, which makes getting about with a pram super easy. And while I’m thinking of it, I have to give a shout-out to Aditi and her lovely parents who run the Michel’s Patisserie there. They love having little kids in the cafe and don’t mind the noise at all. Yay!!

Now back to what’s available in terms of baby care. In short, pretty much NOTHING!
To the left of Coles is a hallway, with a sign directing you to the Public Toilets. Head down this hallway, then veer again to the left, and look for the Female Toilets. 
Yep, there’s not even a Disabled Toilet here. Often Disabled Toilets will have a change table in them, but this place doesn’t even have a Disabled Toilet in the first place (unless it is hidden behind one of the mysterious doors without a sign on it).

So for the dads and granddads who like to take the kids out for some quality time together, just hope you don’t have to change a nappy because you’ll have to do it in the back of the car. Obviously, i did not go into the Male Toilet to check for a baby change table. If there is one in there, please do let me know and I’ll amend my review accordingly. Until then, I’m not impressed!

Anyway, the door of the Female Toilets is the standard pressure-swing door. So get ready to use your bodyweight, or the pram, to shunt the door open and keep it that way until you get safely inside. There’s very little room to turn a pram in this Toilet so it might be an idea to use the pram to push the door open, as you might not be able to turn it round once inside without negotiating a 3point move. 

At the far end of the Toilets, tucked away in a corner, is the wall-mounted fold out change table. It’s clean and in great condition (probably because it rarely gets used). But it’s kind of high, so any one around 5ft something mark would probably struggle with it. This change table is the only useful thing here. There’s no nappy bin, no chair to rest on or feed your baby. The sink and soap is well out of arms reach. It’s just not a good facility. I’m hoping the new Woolworths addition to Kings Langley Shopping Village has something better to offer than this. If it doesn’t, there’s no way I’d be heading there again with little ones.