McDonald’s Rosehill – James Ruse Drive, Rosehill NSW 2142

Overall: Basic – change table only. Not pram friendly. Good for a quick stop and leg stretch.

Good Points: Proper nappy disposal bin. Wall mounted fold out change table. Sink, soap and hand dryer.

Bad Points: The doors aren’t pram friendly. The change table is a bit grubby. No paper towel. Filthy toilet. Staff think a babycino is a mini cappucino (seriously!!)

In our travels, we dropped into Macca’s Rosehill for a break and to check out the baby change setup. The store isn’t that pram friendly, with heavy push-to-open doors, but most stores are like that (with the exception of a couple that have automated doors – love those!).

There’s the usual semi-covered playground outside, which is good for allowing our little people to burn off some energy before getting back in the car.

The staff working the McCafe need a bit of extra training – asap!! On the menu there is a babycino. You have to pay for it, which is fine (not really fine, but what can ya do – can’t it be free with a regular coffee purchase?). However, even after clarifying the order 3 TIMES we ended up with a mini cappucino. Yep! That’s right. A babycino seems to equal a mini cappucino. This is nuts!! In what world does a babycino mean giving a child a tiny cup of coffee?! Bad bad bad. Word of warning – do NOT order a babycino at Macca’s Rosehill (unless you’re happy for your little one to have a coffee).

Now on to the baby change facilities. The baby change table is in the disabled bathroom, which is pretty standard. There’s a wall mounted fold out baby change table, with a nappy disposal bin underneath it. The change table was a bit grubby, so make sure you BYO change mat or wipes to clean it before use.

The toilet, well it was absolutely putrid. There was no way we were going to go anywhere near it. Instead we chose to push on to our next destination to use the loo. Sometimes, you’d rather risk exploding kidneys than come into contact with a crap covered toilet (and it was).