Norwest Marketown – 4 Century Cct, Baulkham Hills NSW

Overall: Very basic. Hard to find. Nappy change only.

Good Points: Big enough for a pram. Clean change table. No stairs.

Bad Points: No signs in the shopping centre to indicate there are any baby change facilities anywhere. No feeding cubicles, no play area, no food prep station. 

Behind this door hides the baby change table

Norwest Marketown, smack in the middle of the baby belt of Northwest Sydney and a relatively new business park. There’s a couple of Parents with Prams parking spaces available at the main front entrance of the shopping centre, but you have to be quick and early to get them. 
The shopping centre is all on ground level, which is the best part. No stairs mean an easier shopping experience for mums and bubs. Not knowing where or if there is a Parent Room though makes it an annoying shopping trip. But don’t worry, I’ve found it! 

Like most shopping centres, hanging from the ceiling are signs indicating Coles is this way and the male/female/disabled toilets are that way. But there’s NOTHING to let you know there’s a baby change area. Maybe centre management is not that fond of children or just didn’t give it a second thought. What would they prefer? Mums changing nappies on the tables in the food court? Or using the baby change table secretly located in the disabled bathroom? I think everyone would rather know where the change areas are, than have to find alternative means in the shopping centre. Us parents have enough to deal with when we’re out with our little ones, let alone having to figure out where the hidden baby change facilities are.

So where is it? Just head to the food court and in a far corner you’ll find a corridor leading to all the bathrooms. Head down here and on your left is the disabled bathroom. Open the door and ta-dah!!! You’ll find the baby change table. Hooray!! My sanity has been saved one more time.

There it is! One change table

Clean and functional

Tucked behind the door of the bathroom is the wall mounted fold out baby change table. It’s clean and usable, which is all you can ask for really.  Soap and sink are on the left hand side, which is nice and handy.

Nappy disposal bin plus hand-dryer

For hand drying, there’s the auto hand dryer or paper towels. The nappy disposal bin is on the wall opposite the change table, just underneath the hand dryer. Really, there’s nothing else to tell you about this place. There’s no food prep area or feeding space, but at least you now know you can change your little one’s bottom someplace other than the back of the car.