Not good in Nowra – a decent parent room is needed!!

We received a sad report of the state of parent rooms in Nowra, from the lovely Maxi.

If you’re in Nowra and need a parent room, hopefully you are close to one of the places shown on the attached photo. There was a fabulous facility in the middle of town, but it was closed down. Read on for what Maxi says about it:

‘I wish that in Nowra we had a decent parent room to share. We used to have a council run “Rest Center” in the middle of town which had everything we needed for a quick change to a full feed. They even had tea and coffee. Sadly it got closed…… Our only option for changing our babies ‘up town’ is a yucky smelly change room in the mall or at the library. There is nowhere to feed other than a park bench or cafe. Stockland ‘down town’, has a parent room which is acceptable but does not help when you are ‘up town’.

One comment received from one of the readers:

‘The mall parent room is the same as the disabled toilet… its gross, I refuse to feed a baby sitting on the only seat – a toilet. Stockland parent room cubicles are so small u cant fit a pram in, and libraries aren’t really the place for screaming hungry babies. Its a joke here.’


Have you used the parent rooms/baby change facilities in the disabled toilets in Nowra?

What did you think? Did you even know where to find them? What impact has the closure of the rest centre had on you?

I think it’s time for the voices to be heard loud and clear. Time for action.