NSW Pemulwuy

Pemulwuy Marketplace – Cnr Greystanes Rd & Butu Wargun Dr, Pemulwuy NSW 2145

Reviewed by B

Overall: Super basic. Nappy change only. For anything else, have a cover-up on hand and head to Gloria Jeans at the entrance, or pop across the creek to the park so the bigger children can run around at the playground.

Good Points: There’s a change table. Spacious shopping centre. Loads of parking.

Bad Points: There’s a change table. That’s it. For a new shopping centre in a new community with loads of families moving in to the area, I was expecting a better facility for parents and babies. Seems like the majority of the budget went into the fitout of the female bathroom.

Our plans changed today. The little guy my little angel was going to have a playdate with was unwell, poor little pixie. But we have rescheduled for next week, and I am going to make chocolate slice. Yummy!!!
Anyway, with our day now completely open I thought we should go check out a different suburb. So we eventually got in the car and made the short trip to Pemulwuy.

When I first heard the name of this suburb I wondered where on earth it was! Then discovered it’s basically an add-on to Greystanes, like the Paris end of Greystanes. That’s my impression of it. Feel free to let me know if this is not correct. Anyway, the suburb is quite new and with that comes new parks and a shopping centre – Pemulwuy Marketplace.

We’ve been here a couple of times in the past year or two. Not overly spectacular for a new suburb, but I think it’s good to keep it small in a new community. If someone wants a bigger shopping experience, Westfield is just a few minutes drive away in Parramatta. I was, however, quite disappointed with what Centre Management has called the ‘Parents Room’.

Once before when we’d been out here for a coffee meeting, my poor little angel needed a nappy change quite urgently. The sign hanging from the ceiling (2nd photo from the top) indicated there were baby change facilities. So with bubby in my arms, we headed down the hallway to find the disabled toilet, the female toilet and the mens. Do you think we could find a Parent Room or baby change area anywhere? Not at all!! At the time, not even the disabled toilet had a change table in it. It was like they had the money to put the baby sticker on the sign hanging from the ceiling, but ran out of budget when it was time to think of parents and babies. So on that occasion, I had to take my girl out to the car and change her in the boot of the station wagon. Totally not cool. Centre Management was  very fortunate that day to have the door locked to their office.

However, today I was very surprised to find there is now a ‘Parents Room’ in the centre!!! Hooray!! You’ll find what is actually just a wall mounted fold out baby change table, in the disabled toilet. Looks like the sign has only recently been added to the front of the door, and I’d be surprised if the wall unit has been there any longer. But at least I don’t have to change my little girl in the boot of the car anymore.

So what can I say? It’s a disabled toilet with a wall mounted, fold out baby change table. One nappy bin. Adult size loo, sink, with hand dryer and soap dispenser. Large pressure door, which is so not handy for anyone with a pram or wheelchair. But at least it’s a wide doorway when you do get it open. 

It definitely hasn’t been given the money that has been put into the female bathroom. Obviously I haven’t been into the mens. But for a new shopping centre, I would have expected an actual Parent Room, rather than just a change table in the disabled toilet. Especially given the number of young families who live in the area. Maybe  on our next visit we’ll find a dedicated Parent Room. Fingers crossed!

The best part of our trip to Pemulwuy was the park across the creek from the Marketplace. It is wonderful!! Head further up Butu Wargun Dr, towards the new homes and to your left you’ll see a fantastic playground. There’s a basketball court, a funky ropes play area, and then a wonderful covered toddler playground. Just perfect. And next to all this is a clean, well maintained BBQ area. It’s probably busy on the weekends, but on weekdays….so low key. Just lovely. We had a fabulous time at the park. I met a few lovely mums and grandparents who were there with their little ones. It’s such a nice spot to let your children just run themselves dry of energy, while you either join in or sit on one of the many clean benches and relax. 
Finding places to take little ones in Sydney where they can play and be entertained, and which are free, is not always easy. And some suburbs aren’t as friendly as others. But this is a great place for you and your kids to hang out for a few hours. Just remember, the Marketplace only has a change table. Anything else you need to do, will be in public.