Red Yard – 100 Parramatta Rd, Auburn NSW 2144

Overall: Okay. Basic, roomy but doesn’t feel too friendly…probably because it is kind of dark. Nappy change and feeding facilities available.

Good Points: Lots of room. Easy to find. Separate feeding room. Right next to Pumpkin Patch outlet store. Adult and child size toilets.

Bad Points: A bit dark and gloomy feeling. Just a single plastic chair in the separate feeding room. No soap. No microwave. 

Front door of the Parent Room

The entryway to the toilets and Parent Room – next to Pumpkin Patch

I’m not a huge fan of outlet shopping centres, but once or twice a year I do head to the Pumpkin Patch outlet at Red Yard, Auburn. And on this most recent trip, I remembered to check if there’s a Parent Room. So I’m very happy to report there is one! And the best part is it’s right next door to Pumpkin Patch. Yay!!!

Wall mounted fold out change table

Sink and extra powerpoints

At Red Yard, there’s not really any designated Parents with Prams parking, but it’s usually easy to get a park either undercover or out in the open without any hassles. During summer, I park underneath the shopping centre. Keeps the car shady and cool, and you can just take the lift or escalator up to the shops. Too easy!

Now facing Pumpkin Patch, the big blue double doors to the toilets and Parent Room are to the right of the store. Just go through the big blue doors and to your right is the red door to the Parent Room/Baby Change Room. 

Single chair in the feeding room

There’s a fair bit of room in there, but not much of anything else. On the wall behind the door is the wall mounted fold out change table. It’s clean and functional, with a nappy bin underneath it. Along the back wall is the bench (so you can keep the nappy bag off the floor) and sink, with a couple of extra powerpoints. 

The feeding room is in an unmarked door to the left. It’s actually more of an unused storage room with a single plastic chair in it. Personally, I’d feel more comfortable feeding my little one either in the car or at one of the cafes. 

On the left you’ll also find the door to the toilets. Inside there’s both an adult size and child size toilets. Just the one sink though, but that seems to be fairly common. 

Basically it’s an okay setup for nappy changes and toilet visits. But for feeds or to have a rest, I’d recommend going to one of the cafe’s, or maybe even head across Silverwater Rd to Macca’s so the little ones can play. But it’s good to know there’s a cool and quiet nappy change room on hand when you’re outlet shopping.