Rhodes Shopping Centre – Level 4 (corridor between cinema and foodcourt), 1 Rider Blvd, Rhodes, Sydney

Reviewed by B

Overall: Nappy change, feed, rest and play. Excellent, spacious, clean facilities. Easy to get around with wide walkways, travelators and lifts throughout the centre.
Good Points: Great play area, comfortable feeding cubicles, spacious change area. Additional Parent Rooms in Ikea and on the lower shopping level of the centre. Excellent monthly morning tea program for Mums and Bubs.
Bad Points: Furnishings are starting to look a little worn. Few Parents With Prams parking spaces. Massively busy on weekends and school holidays.

Great shopping centre with travelators, lifts, wide pram-friendly walkways, and a fabulous indoor playground – plus a great couple of Parent Rooms!
The one we checked out on this visit is on Level 4. Head to the food court, between Oporto and Reading Cinemas you’ll head up the little corridor and find the Parent Room to your right. Easy!

Great big flat silver button to press which opens the auto-sliding door. Toilet is directly on the left as soon as you walk in the room. During school hours on weekdays, it’s fairly quiet compared to loads of other shopping centres. So the Parent Room is fairly quiet and clean most of the time (except for weekends – it can get quite manic!). The change bench is long and a good height, with nappy bins located underneath. A couple of couches are in the room, giving us mums the ability to have a much needed rest for a few minutes. Little ones can entertain themselves in the fenced play area. Love these play areas!!
The feeding cubicles are pretty good. Comfy low set armchairs with side tables. Privacy is provided by curtains at the front of each cubicle and hard walls in between each one.

Little important extras are in this room: change area liners (pull the paper down from the roll above the change bench and rip off the length of paper you need); sink and soap dispenser next to each change groove; clean, working microwave; Leaflets available on the Mums and Bubs Club, plus other activities in the centre.

There really isn’t a great deal more to say about this place. It’s just a really nice, well laid out shopping centre. Two levels of stores, all accessible via travelator or lifts. Great indoor play area for kids, with comfy couches so parents can rest and have a coffee while the kids play. And if you need a bit more quiet, just head to the Parent Rooms where the kids can keep playing but you can get a bit of much needed quiet time.

Go check it out!