SM Harrison, Pasay City, Manila Philippines

Overall: Basic. Change table only. The only one we found, so very happy.

Good Points: It’s in a department store. In good condition. Safety straps intact.

Bad Points: A bit grubby. Mounted on a wall in a snug little alcove.

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Waratah Village

Up in Newcastle - Lambton
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Australian Reptile Park

Great place for the kids. Pram friendly. Central coast
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Hungry Jacks Rouse Hill

Baby change facilities at Hungry Jacks Rouse Hill
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Tucked RIGHT down the bottom on LG2 near the post boxes, this room was interesting to find, and I'm thankful that I found this one without child in tow. The room was reasonably good once I found it. These photo's were taken some time back, so I hope that by now the children's play-panel has been reattached.
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Another Stockland success!

We were so excited about this find. Seriously, this is the only change table we found during our recent trip to Manila, Philippines. Locals just mustn’t need this kind of facility. Perhaps families don’t tend to go shopping with the little ones. Thinking about, we didn’t really see many people out and about with their babies. When we did see families with babies, it was usually at restaurants rather than shops. Anyway, for us westerners, it was almost like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow when we found this change table in SM Harrison.

The change table is mounted on a wall in a little alcove, up the back of the shoe department where the toilets are. There’s not really space enough for a pram, but Manila isn’t exactly a city where you’d explore it with a pram anyway. Make the most of your baby bjorn carriers, people! Anyhoo, the change table is in good condition, although a bit grubby. The safety straps are intact, which is great to see. Make sure you BYO everything – wipes, tissues, whatever you need.

We love the Philippines and cannot wait to get back there! Highly recommend it as a place to travel with the kids, but just BYO everything for toilet stops (including loo paper or tissue packs, just in case).