NSW St Ives

***UPDATE*** St Ives Shopping Village – 166 Mona Vale Rd, St Ives NSW 2075


The Marketing Manager at St Ives Shopping Village has contacted us, and has some feedback regarding the parent rooms at the Village.

St Ives Shopping Village has 3 parent rooms, and all have change tables.

Two of the rooms have custom built change tables, and the other small room has a pull down ‘koala’ brand table.


Overall: Extremely basic for a shopping centre. Nappy change, feed, rest.

Good Points: Side by side, adult and kiddy size toilets. Low level sink. Lockable main door. Wall mounted fold out change table. Microwave. Nappy disposal bin. Chairs for feeding.

Bad Points: Small room! Manual door (ie not automatic). Microwave broken (30th August). No privacy curtain around feeding chairs. Sliding toilet door does not lock.

*submitted by Melanie*

We found this small parent room located in the upstairs food court near an Asian grocery shop. 

There are many other “parent rooms” in the centre which are all single cubicle toilets were parents can escort their kids to the loos. None of these have change tables / microwaves etc which you expect to see in a parent room. 

Disappointingly the door was not automatic ( you had to navigate the pram whilst opening the door yourself ) and the microwave was not working when we visited 30th August. 

This being said the door was lockable to prevent toddlers from running away whilst tending to bubs. I would suggest locking it if you were feeding as there is no privacy curtain.

The one change table was fold out ( I expected more from a shopping centre facility ) which was more than enough as you could not fit two prams in there, despite having two feeding chairs side by side

Pros – side by side toilets with low level sink, lockable doors 

Cons – Manual door, broken microwave, very small.  ( the sliding  toilet door is not lockable)

Overall, extremely basic and small but ok for a quick nappy change. Don’t spend too much time in there if you are claustrophobic 

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