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Sydney International Airport – Departures Level

Overall: Good. Nappy change, rest, feed, toilets.

Good Points: Easy to find. Two private feeding cubicles, with locking doors, couch/armchair, foldout change tables. Adult and child size toilets. Additional powerpoints. Lots of bench space. Clean and working microwave. Big sink, with soap dispenser.

Bad Points: Narrow door way to cubicles. Manual door to parent room. Harsh lighting and plain colours. One toilet roll for both toilets.

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Tucked RIGHT down the bottom on LG2 near the post boxes, this room was interesting to find, and I'm thankful that I found this one without child in tow. The room was reasonably good once I found it. These photo's were taken some time back, so I hope that by now the children's play-panel has been reattached.
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Another Stockland success!

The Departures Level of the Sydney International Airport has a pretty good parent room. It’s loads better than what’s available at the Domestic Terminals, thank goodness. We weren’t too sure where to find the parent room, but after checking in for our flight, we asked one of the Airport Volunteers who directed us to the bathrooms. The parent room is just past the duty free stores, past the check in counters. Follow the signs and you find it easily.

Having experienced quite poor parent rooms at Domestic Airports across the country, our hopes weren’t high regarding the quality of facilities here. However, we were actually quite surprised.

The parent room has two private feeding/change cubicles, a separate toilet room with both adult and child size toilets. Plus there is a microwave, big sink, soap dispenser, loads of bench space and additional powerpoints all in the main area of the room. This is really a good place to grab a bit of quiet time with bub before heading off on your overseas adventure.

While the lighting is harsh, and the colours very much in the style of uniform public bathrooms, the parent room does have all the things you need to look after your little ones. Each private cubicle has a door that locks from the inside. There is a wall mounted, fold out change table in each cubicle, plus a big comfy armchair. This is really good. We were expecting hard plastic chairs, so finding armchairs was just lovely.

The toilet room door also locks from the inside, and has both adult and child size toilets (perfect for kids learning to use the loo on their own). The only problem here is there is one toilet paper roll for both toilets, and it’s on the side of the adult loo. Adding an extra roll on the size of the kids toilet would be very handy.

The main area of the parent room has loads of bench space. Yay for being able to keep bags off the floor! Above the sink is a microwave which was clean and in working order. At one end of the bench there’s additional powerpoints, and at the other end is a massive sink plus soap dispenser. Seriously, the sink is big enough to rinse off a baby that has had a number 3 (those of you who have experienced a #3, know what we mean).

Check out the photos! Keep it in mind the next time you’re heading overseas with the kids. You’ll be glad you remembered!