Birkenhead Point NSW

Birkenhead Point – Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047

Reviewed by K

Overall: Two very nice rooms. Both have private feeding cubicles, are quite comfortable and very clean. Easy to find. Quite roomy.

Good Points: No-touch taps; multiple feeding cubicles; roomy. Low change bench. Big and little toilets in both Parent Rooms.

Bad Points: No extras like change mats or a nappy dispenser. No side tables in feeding cubicles. Bins not underneath change bench.

Main room: Private feeding cubicles

Main room: No-touch taps!! Love this.

Birkenhead Point has two very nice Parent Rooms. Both are located on the top level (3). This is pretty handy because it’s the main flyover car park entry from the parking centre across the road. On this visit, I couldn’t see any Parent with Prams car spaces, but if there are any on other levels then let me know.

Main room: nappy bins stacked away from change bench

The main Parent Room is very roomy. There’s a few feeding cubicles, where privacy is provided at the front by curtains. Each cubicle has a roundish armchair, but the sides are not really suited to feeding mums. There weren’t any side tables either, which can make life a bit difficult. My tip would be to keep the pram next to the chair, and keep the nappy bag and everything needed in the pram so you can reach it without having to try and get to the ground.

Main room: separate bench and sink for food prep
Although the cubicles need a bit extra in the way of furniture, the change area is pretty good. The best bit, the  fabulous no-touch faucet!! Hold your hands underneath the faucet and water just comes out. Love it love it love it! And the change bench is not too high either.With this excellent feature, I can forgive the centre for not having the nappy bins underneath the change bench (they’re stacked to the side against a wall).

Main room: lovely play area with natural light coming in
Now the play area was pretty good. The thing I liked most is it being positioned by some big windows. Not often to find a parent room with light from outside streaming in. Good for everybody, including the little ones. The play area is bright and clean, with a small child safety gate to keep little people in. This is good for mums and dads, allowing them to sit on the couch opposite the play area and have a little break.

Main room: comfy couch for parents to rest while watching the kids
Main room: very roomy

On the same floor is another, smaller Parent Room. It’s a whole lot less roomy, but it’s big enough to manouver a single pram.

Second room: nappy change bench with no-touch taps!

Although it is small, it has a great start with the big frosted sliding push button doors. These make getting in and out of Parent Rooms so much easier. The change bench is a good height, with a no-touch sink between each change bay (i want this tap and faucet at home!). Paper towels and soap are within arms reach which is really important. Unfortunately, the bins are off to the side again. Why not just keep them underneath the change bench where they are needed?

Second room: nappy bins stacked away from change bench

There’s a microwave with separate sink next to the baby change area. Microwave and sink were clean and in working order, always a good sign.

Second room: Clean microwave and sink
This room doesn’t have a play area or comfy couch for parents to have a rest, but it does have a private feeding cubicle. Same style as the bigger Parent Room, curtain for privacy and a single chair. 

Second room: toilets and single private feeding cubicle