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Kellyville Plaza – 50 Wrights Rd, Kellyville NSW

Reviewed by B

Overall: Tired and worn out, like many of us parents. Easy to find. Nappy change, feed and rest.

Good Points: Easy to find. No stairs. Two private feeding cubicles. Change table, nappy bin and armchair in each feeding cubicle. Extra armchairs and table in main area of the room. Microwave, two sinks. Little kids loo.

Bad Points: Armchairs are marked, worn and torn. No additional powerpoints. No papertowel. Needs a refurb, or at least a good detailing.

Follow the signs hanging from the ceiling

Keep following the signs…nearly there…

Haven’t been out to Kellyville in a long time. Castle Hill is about as far as we get most weeks, but on this occasion we thought we’d extend our circle a little further and check out what Kellyville shops have to offer.  First plus is the car park. It now has shade cover over most of the car spaces. Very good to see! 

Found it!

Push the door to enter

The shopping centre is all on one level which is very handy for those of us with prams. No stairs to navigate. Just wide walkways and ramps. To find the Parent Room, head inside the shopping centre and look for the signs hanging from the ceiling pointing you to the toilets and Parent Room. If you can’t see the sign, just head left once inside. Past the nail salon is the hallway where the toilets and Parent Room are located. Loads of signage along the way to help you find it.

The door to the Parent Room isn’t one of my favourites. The regular old style swing door where you need one hand to keep the door open and the other to push the pram inside. But that’s pretty common. We’ve been spoilt by refurbished/newer parent rooms with push button sliding doors…….they make life so much easier.

Little rest area

Inside the room to your right is a little rest area, complete with a couple of armchairs and a side table for your nappy bag. The armchairs are in need of some TLC. Tired, marked, and torn, they look as though they haven’t been cleaned in a long time. I would have like to have sat down for a minute but they really did look a bit grubby. The best part is the cute artwork by local children above the chairs. A big painting of kids handprints. Very cute.

Food prep and hand washing area

Clean and working microwave

Against the far wall is the food prep and hand washing area. There’s a clean and working microwave above the food prep sink. And another low height sink to the right of the microwave. This lower one seems to be for hand washing after using the toilet or changing nappies as it has a hand dryer next to it. However the soap dispenser is at the other end of the wall at the far end of the food prep bench. Not so handy over there.
But the area is clean and tidy.

One of the two feeding cubicles

Change table in each cubicle

On the left and right hand sides of the Parent Room are two private feeding cubicles. Each has a change table and nappy bin, plus an armchair so you can be comfortable while feeding your little one. Again the armchairs are in dire need of repair, or at least a detailed clean. Probably be better to chuck them out and get brand new ones! The change tables are clean and in good condition so that’s a plus.

Armchairs in desperate need of repair – or tossing out

Enough room for the pram

There’s one little toilet in here for little ones to use. The space is quite narrow, so it might be a tight squeeze if mum or dad need to be in there too for a helping hand. It’d probably be easier to keep the toilet door open so you have a little bit more room. 

Loo for the little ones

For a little shopping centre Parent Room, this isn’t too bad. It does need some TLC by way of new armchairs, paper towels, extra powerpoints and maybe some wall mounted activity centres. But for a quick nappy change, loo visit, rest and feed, it does the job.