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McDonald’s West Ryde – Victoria Rd, West Ryde NSW

Overall: Good for a quick stop and kids to burn off some steam. Nappy change, rest and play.

Good Points: Easy to find. Clean. Nappy change station only. Great undercover outdoor play area.

Bad Points:  Toilet door does not lock properly. No paper towel.

Wall mounted nappy change station

Tucked behind the toilet door

We’ve been past this McDonald’s too many times to count on our way to and from different places. It’s on Victoria Rd in West Ryde, which is a pretty busy road so we rarely even think to stop in for a break. But one day a couple of weeks ago, my little on and I decided to go check it out. I know, Maccas is Maccas….but from a parent perspective….there are good ones and not so good ones. And this one is pretty good as far as Maccas goes.

There isn’t an actual Parent Room here. It’s just a fold out baby change table in the disabled toilet. This is typical of fast food places though.  The table is tucked behind the door of the toilet as you walk in. It’s clean and the usual height, which could be tough going for anyone under 5″2. The rest of the bathroom is clean too. There’s a couple of downsides. Firstly, there isn’t a proper nappy disposal bin. There’s just a regular waste paper bin in the far corner, or the sanitary bin. Neither are really great options. Secondly, the door doesn’t lock properly. So when you little one is laying on the change table, just be mindful that the door might be opened without warning – be prepared!

Great outdoor covered playground

Great equipment for toddlers+

Our favourite part of visiting West Ryde Maccas, in addition to the 50c ice cream, was definitely the playground. This one is under cover, fenced in, and excellent for toddlers and above. The ground is also that soft rubber matting, and a number of the poles holding up the structure are padded. Love it! 
There’s seating in the play area for parents, but if you don’t feel like listening to the squeals and laughter, then there’s comfy seating just inside against the windows. This means you can still keep an eye on the kids, but enjoy the air con and quieter surrounds.

I know this really hasn’t been a very detailed or lengthy review, but there’s just not that much else to really say. If you’re going to be travelling through West Ryde one day and think there’s a good chance the kids and you will need a quick leg stretch and a bit of rest and play, then drop into the Maccas on Victoria Rd. Cheap, cheerful, has the essential equipment to change little bottoms and keep everyone happy.