NSW Warriewood

Warriewood Square (Behind Woolworths) – Warriewood Square Shopping Centre, Jackson Rd, Warriewood NSW 2102

Overall: Below Average. Nappy change, feed, rest, play. You won’t want to stay here too long.

Good Points: Toilet with sink, soap and paper towel. Additional sink in main part of the Parent Room. Community notice board. Play Panel in main part of Parent Room. Two wall mounted fold-out nappy change tables. Nappy bins underneath the change tables. Wipe-clean couch. ‘Parent Room’ sign on the door. Sign at the front of the hallway indicating a Parent Room.

Bad Points: No signs directing you to the Parent Room until you are at the actual hallway. Pressure-swing door. Awful musty smell inside the room. No microwave. No private feeding area. Toilet door does not lock. Toilet is adult size. Toilet room is too small to fit a pram. Sink, soap and paper towel are too high. Sink in main room does not have soap or paper towel. Play Panel is missing pieces and is right next to the nappy bins. Feeding couch right next to nappy bins.

Another contribution from one of our lovely followers. Thank you!
This is the second Parent Room at Centro Warriewood/Warriewood Square, and it is definitely the worst of the two. I think the Centre Directory must have been created without any one actually going into either of the Parent Rooms, especially this one.  There is meant to be a microwave (NO!) and a private feeding area (NO!). It’s terrible in terms of hygiene and the smell inside the room is horrible.

First of all, it’s incredibly difficult to find this Parent Room. The signs hanging from the ceiling don’t tell you there’s a Parent Room, so you have to cross your fingers and just hope there’s one down the hallway where the Male/Female toilets are. Parents have better things to do with their time than to check every corridor of toilets for a Parent Room. Please please please, centre management, amend the signs hanging from the ceiling!

When you do find this magical hallway, hooray!!! There’s a picture of a baby bottle above the entrance to the corridor, so you can begin to feel confident you might actually find the facilities you are after.
Well thankfully you don’t have to walk too far, as the first door on your right is the Parent Room. 
This is pretty much where the excitement ends.

The door to the Parent Room has a little sign on the front to let you know you’ve got the right place. But when you go to open it, the work begins. It’s one of those annoying pressure-swing doors, which is not really big enough to fit a double side-by-side pram, and required you to use your body weight to chock the door open while you wheel the pram inside. 

Once inside, the smell will be the first thing you notice. It’s an old strong musty smell and just makes the room feel really unhealthy. The next thing you’ll notice is there’s no private feeding area, although there is mean to be one. Instead, there’s a wipe-clean couch in the main part of the room. This is fine except it’s right next to the three nappy bins. Not a big fan of feeding right next to pungent nappy bins, and I’m not sure how many parents would be happy about this either.

This main part of the Parent Room also has two wall mounted fold-out change tables. The nappy bins are located directly underneath, which is very handy. But to the right of the change tables and bins, a Play Panel has been mounted on the wall. I love Play Panels, but having the bins so close to them is not ideal for little people (nappy bins are at just the right height for little people to want to have a nosey). Also, there are a couple of pieces missing.

Now to let you know about the toilet. Firstly, it’s too small a space to fit a pram. So you’ll need to keep it outside and close the toilet door, or keep the toilet door open so you can still see the pram. The toilet door does not lock, which is both good and bad. Bad if you want to ensure privacy, but good if your little one has a tendency to lock themselves in at times. At least there’s no chance of that happening here.
The toilet, sink, soap and paper towel dispensers are all at adult height, which is not very useful for little ones. So parents, your children will most likely need some help from you.

Outside the toilet door, back in the main room, is another sink. This is an interesting one. It would appear to be for washing your hands after feeding or nappy changes BUT there is no soap, paper towel or even a hand-dryer. This is really unsafe and unsanitary. And where is the microwave the Centre Directory talks about? 

This Parent Room really is quite disappointing. If you’re heading to Centro Warriewood/Warriewood Square, forget this Parent Room and head to the one near the Food Court instead.